Hints of Heaven

You call to me

And show me hints of heaven.

All around me

Are beauty and wonder I can’t deny.

Grass as green and bright

As it gets.


Birds that are perfectly made

And yet tiny.

The brilliant blue sky

Shouts Your praise.

The ocean and its depths that only You know

Show me Your glory.

These are hints of what is to come.

All around me

are previews of heaven.

I get a taste and want more.

If here on earth is not perfection,

Show me what is.

For now I will be content

With the sound of rainfall,

The feel of a breeze,

And the smell of apple pie.

I will love my children

And the hugs and smile.

I will adore my husband

And the life You gave me.

You put me here on earth

For a short time.

I miss my true home

And sometimes long for it.

In the meantime

You gave me so much here.

There is so much

I can never appreciate it all.

Help me see it all for what it is.

Gifts from You.

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14 thoughts on “Hints of Heaven

  1. You captured our experience, as Christian women so beautifully! Sometimes I feel like God is playing peek-a-boo with us, sharing His amazing hints of heaven when we need them most. I’m so thankful He opens our fleshly eyes and following spirits to receive His gifts of encouragement. Thanks and blessingsee from David’s Daughter.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I was just noticing all the little notes from God to me tonight — a few deer on my walking path – practically tame, a beautiful sunset painted on a colorful sky with vanilla clouds — and I thought the same thing as your words point out – -it’s all gifts from God while we’re here on earth!

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