The Bible is for ME

Raise your hand if you have ever had trouble reading the Bible? *hand goes up* Funny how something so important and life-giving isn’t something we make a priority. I have recently started a one year Bible reading plan and this week joined the Bible study Open Your Bible. I feel it is going to be eye opening!

For several years, I was with a group of ladies doing studies every Spring and Fall and loved it. We shared our stories, laughed, and cried, like we ladies do. The past school year I have not been able to be in the group because of my new job, but our church does one big Summer study each year. I decided at the last minute to join and I am so glad I did!

When I first opened the study guide to read the first two pages before we met Wednesday night, I was moved. There is nothing like melting in the first few paragraphs to let you know it is going to be good.


It begins with the words, “I just can’t open my Bible.” The storyteller had just buried her stillborn daughter four months before and had not had the strength to pick up the Bible that had gotten her through the uncertainty of her pregnancy. She “felt betrayed, weak, and hopeless.”

None of her friends reacted like she thought they would. Instead, one offered to read the Bible to her. She began to read Psalm 62, and then the rest of the group “spoon fed” her more Scripture while she wept. Now, if that doesn’t move you, nothing will!

We all feel hurt and betrayed by life, but what defines us is our choices in the aftermath. Sometimes it takes us time to recover, and that is OK. There is no timeline on grief, thank God. There are times we take a break and are able to get back into it. Other times, we need our friends to come to our aid.

The group of five ladies that I sat with on Wednesday night laughed a lot. We so enjoyed beginning to get to know each other as we dug into the Word. Stay tuned for more insight from the study, I am sure. As the intro in the book says, “We used to open our Bibles to find ourselves. Now we open our Bibles to find our God.” This is going to be an amazing journey!


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