Make Satan Take Notice

One of the people in the Bible who fascinates me is Job. Poor guy. Here he was, minding his own business and leading a good life. According to Job 1:1, he was “blameless and upright; he feared God and shunned evil.” I don’t know about you, but I know I want Satan to take notice of me for my way of life. I would like to avoid all of the suffering Job went through, but it may happen. If it does, I hope to cling to God and come through the hard times and tragedies with my faith intact. If Satan says, “Let me take a crack at her,” I want to come through with an even stronger faith.

Satan would love nothing better than to get a hold of us and make us doubt our faith and trust in God. He wants us to live for ourselves and put our own wants ahead of everyone else’s needs. He wants us to smear God’s name and have us show those around us that they don’t matter to us or God. Satan wants us to think that these decisions we make are little and that no one will notice them. He will keep tempting us to go our own way until we show him once and for all that we won’t bend.

We can’t listen to Satan’s lie that people aren’t watching. Many are out there, waiting for Christians to trip up or fall away. He uses all of those times when he succeeds to pull people closer to him and away from God. He makes people think that Christians should never be allowed to be human when that is impossible.

The world is changing these days, and not for the better. More and more people are going to see us if we are living godly lives, as that will start being less common. The world has been declining since the Garden of Eden, but it has never been as pronounced as it is today. Pretty soon there will be no more blending in but a separation. We will be in or out, right or wrong, all or nothing. We should be striving to live lives that are pure and blameless, lives where people can tell we are living for God. This will get more difficult, so we need to stay aware.

My end goal in life is to trust Jesus no matter what Satan throws at me. I want to be able to say as Job did in Job 23:10: “When He has tested me, I will come forth as gold.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it?


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8 thoughts on “Make Satan Take Notice

  1. This is good, Sarah. We need to be savvy, discerning, and wise to the enemy’s ways. And tap into the power that is ours in Christ to flee in the other direction when we see him heading our way.

  2. I love the story of Job, too! I often think of how gold is refined through the fire and pray that when I’m tested, I’ll come out the other side as pure gold, with more sin removed, more of Christ in me, and less of my flesh and this world.

    Visiting from Coffee For Your Heart! It’s nice to meet you!

    1. I love how you put that! More sin removed, more of Christ in me, and less of my flesh and this world. May this be our heart’s cry! Thanks for coming by. 🙂

  3. Hi Sarah- This is good- I too wonder about Job a lot and am so thankful for his example to hold fast to God regardless of the hard things in his life! Thanks for this! 🙂

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