Wait in Expectation

Wait. There is a reason that is a four letter word! Does anything seem worse than waiting? Test results. Job interviews. The right mate to come along. Not knowing when loved ones will come to know Jesus. I always want to know either way so I can deal with the issue.

There are inevitable parts of life: death, taxes, and waiting. I sometimes feel like I go from one period of waiting to another. Do you feel that way too? Like you finally get an answer and then start anticipating the next one?

I finally had to realize this was God’s way of refining me (lucky me.) I am not necessarily impatient with people, but when it comes to situations that are in limbo, my restless nature kicks in. (Or maybe I am just nosy?) I like to have my ducks lined up and ready, so an open future scares the fool out of me. God is probably constantly wondering when I am going to just learn to trust. When I am going to just let go of my time and my schedule and lean in closer to Him.

Don’t get me wrong, I eventually get there, but it is usually after I just can’t keep wondering anymore. I get to a point where all the what-if’s have occurred to me and are just dangling there above my head. Waiting to crash down around me. The constant thinking and over analyzing leave me exhausted and ready to surrender. The only movement I have left in me is to get out the white flag.

Jesus always comes through. When I am in the middle of the worry, I tend to gloss over that, but it is true. He will never not come through. I have to intentionally take the time think about that and breathe. Everything works out and my faith emerges stronger. Every time.

I love Psalm 5:3. “In the morning, Lord, You hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.” David is not saying he knows what God is going to do. He is stating that he expects God to act. He gives God his problem and trusts God to see it through.

This is my new goal: Once a day when I pray I will lay it all on God and then walk away. It will probably be the same thing every day for weeks or months at a time, but it will be once a day. The rest of the day I will choose to focus on the rest of my life and walk away from the worry and the things I can’t change. I will try not to be consumed by the questions and seemingly impossible situations. Until the next day.

God is there wanting to help us. Let’s wait for Him and expect big things!

Earlier this week, I wrote a guest post on teaching our kids verses. You can find it here.

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10 thoughts on “Wait in Expectation

  1. Oh, Sarah, this speaks to my heart today. I, too, need to give it to Him once, and then walk away. Taking that challenge right along with you. Thank you for sharing your heart and speaking into my evening with such truth today. Bless you. ((xoxo))

  2. “God is probably constantly wondering when I am going to just learn to trust.” I feel that way too. It is hard to truly hand things over to him and trust him. I like the idea of being intentional about laying our worries before God once a day and taking our focus off them the rest of the time- I think I’ll have to give that a try too.

  3. Sarah, I appreciate these words of confident expectation. There are a number of things that I’m waiting for right now — and I’m just not good at it. Trusting for grace to read and heed your words of faith!

  4. Sarah,
    Walking through waiting in my own life and in friends’ lives. Waiting for restoration, healing, and God’s next step. We have discussed this idea of only thinking about something once a day. Assigning a time to it and then leaving it alone. That way it doesn’t ravage a day and rob us of precious time. A book that has really helped me during my painful wait season has been How to Let God Solve Your Problems by Dr. Charles Stanley. Principles simple but really many I haven’t practiced. Wish I would have read it long ago!

  5. So everything you said is what I am going through now. I love your goal that you set. I have done something similar to that by actually writing out a prayer and everytime I feel that anxiousness I go back and repray that prayer. It really has stretched my faith. I loved this post! visiting from coffee for the heart #74

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