If is a Big Word

If we worked on our own marriages as much as we talked about those who are struggling in theirs.

If we taught our children what they need to know as much as we slandered the parenting of others.

If we gave someone the shirt off our backs instead of wondering what they did with their own.

If we offered to help our family members when they need it and didn’t question how this is happening again.

If we really listened to our friends without making to do lists in our minds for later in the day.

If we genuinely smiled at strangers.

If we stopped making assumptions about people’s motives.

If we helped a neighbor without being asked.

If we gave cheerfully to those in need.

If we did all of these things, the world would be a better place. But more than that, people would be drawn to us. They would wonder how we could be kind, giving, helpful, and non-judgmental. They would be curious about this Jesus who lives inside us.

If people saw Jesus in us, they would run to Him with open arms. No one can resist the love and compassion He freely gives. So many are seeking- searching for understanding and a safe place. They can’t find it in this world we live in, so we need to show them where to find it.

Are you with me?


7 thoughts on “If is a Big Word

  1. Sarah,
    If is a big word! I’m with you! I feel as if I fail so many times (especially at work!) to have others see Jesus in me, but we’ve got to pick ourselves up and keep trying, right? You give us a lot to think about . . . and pray about! xo

  2. I’m so convicted by this, Sarah! Beautiful thoughts. This is how I want to live, but I know I don’t. Isn’t this the truth: “But more than that, people would be drawn to us.”

  3. Yes, I’m with you. It’s not easy but I do want people to see Jesus in me- to see a love and acceptance that draws them to find out more. IF we could all live more like this it would make a big difference.

  4. Hi Sarah, you expanded the post well…I couldn’t agree more after reading this, IF is a huge word!
    I pray people see Jesus in me! Thank you for drawing our hearts to the Master’s Feet.
    God Bless

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