Deepest Desires

Our pastor’s son spoke in church this weekend, and the message was powerful. We were all struck with pride at seeing him all grown up and we cheered at his vindication that he got to tell a story on his Dad. The message he gave was wonderful and has been making me think.

We are spending this summer in the Psalms, and this week was on Psalm 23. The phrase that keeps leaping to my mind is “Do I let Jesus fill my deepest desires?” The Lord is my Shepherd, I lack nothing. I have all that I need. I shall not want. There are many ways to convey the truth: God knows what I need and will give it to me.

Let me be clear and say I don’t know what my deepest desires are. I can say I want to be happy and comfortable. If those are all I am aiming for though, I will be disappointed. The moment I am comfortable, I am already in trouble. When I get cozy and settled in, I am assuming I don’t need Jesus. I get all puffed up and obnoxious. So, let’s take that off the list.

What else can I think of as my deepest desires? Wealth and power won’t last and can’t make me truly happy. Even saying my family is my deepest desire will let me down. (Sorry to any family member reading this. You know I love you!) Any earthly desire is temporary and fallible. None of it will give me what I need.

As a Christian, my deepest desire lies in knowing God and loving others. That is the only answer that stands! So if that is my deepest desire, I have to let God lead me to it. I have to trust Him to show me what it means. How will it happen? Where will it lead me? Who will I meet? When showing God’s love is my mission, He will be more than happy to get me there.

Aren’t we blessed to have a God who loves us enough to not leave us at happy and comfortable? Think about if we all went around pursuing happiness and nothing else. There would be no meaning in life and no true joy. No happiness lasts, so we would just be flitting from one thing to the next.

God cares more about my character than my comfort. He wants me to be more and more like Him. He alone knows that my true desire is not something I can discover on my own. My selfish human nature will come out and take me on a wrong path. I would be led astray by something that sounded right but would only bring heartache in the end. Only God knows what I truly want and need and will bring me to it if I let Him.

So, the question remains: Do I let Jesus fill my deepest desires?” My answer is yes, a million times yes!

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12 thoughts on “Deepest Desires

  1. Good Morning, Sarah … I’ve been spending the last few months in the Psalms and Proverbs, reading whatever chapter matches up with the day of the month. I never, ever tire of these books, so it’s a treat to read your words today.

  2. This is good, Sarah. I agree with you that we often don’t even know what our deepest desire is! I like how you thought it through. I want to do the same today. Thanks for sharing this. And how fun to get to hear your pastor’s son preach. 🙂

  3. Sarah,
    Your blog post title drew me in and I think you’ve settled on the only desire that lasts in a world that can’t meet our deepest desires. I think God puts desires in our hearts but sometimes they can only be fulfilled by him and we have to be at rest with some of our unmet desires. Good words to ponder!

  4. Third time I’ve read the 23rd Psalm in a blog post today… think I’ll be going to study on it a little over lunch ♥ Love God and Love people –> May each of us have that as our deepest desires. Thanks Sarah♥

  5. I like that u said you don’t know what your deepest desire is. Isn’t that the truth ? I get that. Doing a lot of introspection lately though I’ve been asking God to really show me. Also i do think there is a comfortable spot in resting in God. The comfort is Him. Perhaps not temporal comforts. But soul comfort. I think in a way that when God satisfies your desires with himself and what he designed your heart to want you will be happy. The most happy. Maybe that is why happy Eludes us. What we believe to make is happy doesn’t. We do need to be happy but only God can make is so. Psalm 103 talks about God satisfying us so that our youth will be renewed. ❤️

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