Bring on the Rain

Why do I get so fixated on other people’s problems? I must not have enough of my own. (Haha) I take that worry and wear it around, almost with pride. “See how much I care?” Me imagining what could happen is never productive though. It won’t solve any problems, and it certainly won’t make my hair any less gray.

All of our actions have consequences. That is life. There is no way to cushion the blow for someone we love, and, actually, if there were, it would probably be detrimental. We want people to learn and grow, don’t we?  If we swoop in and save the day every time they fall, they will start to expect that and not try to make their own life better. Besides, most of us don’t have the ability and resources to save everyone.

I have started to realize the truth lately: even if the worst happens to those we love, God is there. It may not have been part of His plan, but He cares and will help us. He loves that person even more than we do because He created them.

There are many people on my mental prayer list at any given time. Way too many have been on it for years and there seems to be no end in sight. That is OK, because I have a sovereign and loving God. He is never late.

I get so frustrated when I pray some days, quite honestly. I feel helpless and like I have prayed the same thing over and over. God understands. I am convinced that one day these people will know the thousands of prayers that have been prayed over them. It will be like a warm summer rain, coming down gently. Or maybe a torrential downpour. Either way, they will know it. Their eyes will be opened and their lives changed, but only if we keep praying. We must keep believing God will make a way and change hearts.

When I pray, it is like a penny in a bucket. That one cent may not feel like much, but one day it will help pay for a trip to Hawaii. (Here’s hoping!) One day, all those prayers will mean someone’s life is turned around and that they are making wise choices. It won’t be because of us, but because of our God and the faith we showed on their behalf.

Wondering and worrying is no way to spend a life. It sucks out our joy and can make us resent the person we are worried for. “They don’t know all I have tried to do for them, in my mind.” (Or is that just me?) All we can do is pray, and that is a ton. If we continue to bring that person to God and leave them with Him, He will redeem their lives at the right time. So let’s bring on the rain!

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