Waiting is Redeemed

Are there things you are waiting on that still seem far off? Do you just want to give up on them? Don’t ever give up! Instead, think of the people in the Bible who waited.

Abraham waited until he was one hundred years old before God fulfilled His promise of a son. Now I don’t know about you, but if I am told I will have as many descendants as the stars in the sky and I have no kids yet, I would be skeptical. But God was faithful and honored Abraham’s faith.

Noah may not have had to wait necessarily, but God asked him to build a big boat for a flood when it HADN’T EVEN RAINED. He spent decades of his life being obedient to God. I would wonder if I got it right if I was Noah, but he built that ark. God honored Noah’s faith and saved him and his family.

David is a good example of waiting around. He was a shepherd boy when he heroically killed Goliath. He was anointed to become the next king, but none of that made his life easier. He spent years hiding out from Saul before he actually became the king. His close relationship with God is why God considered him a man after His own heart. God honors faith.

My buddy Joseph suffered greatly at the hands of his jealous brothers. They sold him as a slave and, despite his good behavior, Joseph spent time in prison. He ended up being in the right place at the right time when his family needed him. God honored his faith through all of his trials.

Moses spent the first 40 years of his life as Egyptian royalty. Not a bad gig. Then he spent 40 years working as a shepherd. The last 40 years of his life was spent wandering the desert with whiny Israelites. Talk about trusting God! Because he obeyed, God honored his faith.

Do you sense a theme? Sometimes God asks us to do hard things, and waiting can be the hardest. However, it is often in those times of waiting that we are being prepared. These great men all had to go through trials, testing, and especially, waiting.

Abraham needed to have the utmost faith in God before he could even consider sacrificing the one thing he had desired most.

Noah needed to build up his endurance and a thick skin in the 120 years between God telling him about the ark and the start of the flood.

David needed to learn how to defend himself against wild animals before he could defend himself against a wild king.

Joseph had to network and meet the right people so he could give his family food when they needed it.

Moses started out as a hothead who needed to learn patience before he could be ready for the Israelites.

Next time you think God is asking too much of you or that the waiting is unbearable, just remember He knows best. His timing is not ours-it is much better. You can rest assured that He will redeem your faith and your waiting.

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6 thoughts on “Waiting is Redeemed

  1. Love the reminders here of our forefathers of faith ♥ Waiting is a part of life- from way back and we would be much better served to worship while we wait rather than worry. Thanks for another reminder, Sarah, that God’s timing is perfect!

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I was just thinking of Noah yesterday and how he must have questioned his sanity many times over while building that ark! Being reminded of all these examples of faith is so encouraging in our own lives for all the times we doubt, we wait and we serve without having all the answers.

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