Just Keep Swimming

My girls’ swim team season is over. Now we only have a month of summer left, as they start back to school August 1! Both girls have taught me so much through their swimming, and I am beyond proud of their efforts.

Lauren is my determined child. Nothing is going to stand in her way, if she has anything to say about it. She improved each week, yet was still disappointed with her placement many times. She wants to be Olympic-worthy in her first season. This past week, she competed in her first Individual Medley. That little girl swam 4 laps straight. You could see how tired she was in that last lap, but she was not about to give up. I wanted to cry as I pulled her out of the pool. (I think us moms are allowed that in our proud moments, but I held back!)

Kaitlyn on the other hand is the complete opposite of her sister. Race? What race? She would just leisurely swim (or whatever you want to call it) through the water. This is all for fun! It drove Lauren crazy in this last meet that her younger sister was in both of her relays. She knew they wouldn’t win with her! Kaitlyn would know we were proud of her and just nod when I told her. She has such confidence! Sometimes after a race she would say, “Do you think I got fifth place?” She got a blue first place ribbon once (when racing by herself), and that was all she needed.


I feel like my children are extremes of who I want to be. If I could just harness their strengths, life would be good. I want the drive and determination of Lauren with the fun confidence that Kaitlyn has. Life isn’t always about competition or having a good time, so we need to be prepared for both. I don’t want to be one sided but want a mix of heavy and light. It is all about balance, and if my girls were on a see-saw together, they would be even. That is, if they can not think of something to fight about.

If we can know when to push and work and strive or when to let go and enjoy the ride, I think our days would be more manageable. As it says in Ecclesiastes 3, “there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” There truly is a time to keep going and doing our best, while other times call for rest. Let’s work on knowing the difference.Β In the meantime, just keep swimming!

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10 thoughts on “Just Keep Swimming

  1. Sarah, I definitely agree with your evaluation of the swim season that the two girls have had. It has been exciting to see the growth that they have had as swimmers. It was also good to see them on a team working for a goal. The greatest joy that we had was to see them swim in the meet.

    Your observations of their two strengths are accurate. And I do believe that we can all learn from those strengths.

    I also believe that Lauren and Kaitlyn are to a great degree who they are because of the influence that you and James have had on their lives. You have shown them an example of service and of commitment to the poor. You have given them unconditional love and shown them how to love others. But most of all has been your example of being a follower of Jesus. You started at early age when you sang with them in the car.( I still sing along with building 429 when the radio plays:”Take this world and give me Jesus!”, just as you have done with the girls!) You read stories to them from the Bible that will be the foundation of their lives.

    You have taught them well and they will be a blessing to you for many years.

    I love you and I am so proud of you.


  2. Congratulations girls for getting a blue first place ribbon. Your face expressions are so lovely. If parents are giving a right direction to their kids then definitely they achieve the high goals in life. And the very best example is here in above post.

    Best wishes for your future competitions.

    ~Dr. Diana

  3. Sarah,
    What a darling picture of your girls and their ribbons and I just love how brave they are to race as swimmers! I can imagine how fascinating it is to watch their personalities take shape and get a glimpse of the women they will be someday — it must be such a gift to guide them — and inspire them! πŸ™‚

  4. I love it-let’s just keep swimming and hopefully God will teach us each about the balance we need. Thanks for sharing, Sarah!

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