To My Girls

I promise:

To teach you how to be a grownup. You are in such a hurry now, but you have much to learn. I will help you learn how to cook, clean, do laundry, and use money wisely.

To be your parent right now. You have enough friends, but years from now I look forward to being one of your best friends.

I will tell you when you are doing something wrong. You won’t always like it, but one day you will thank me for it.

I don’t care if your friends have or do something that you don’t. I am YOUR mother. Once again, one day you will understand and thank me.

To keep dating your Daddy. One of most important things you need to see is a strong Christian marriage, and it is our responsibility to show you. We take that seriously.

To make you earn money. Nothing is going to be handed to you in this life, and the sooner you learn that, the better.

To teach you how to give and serve. There is a joy in helping others that you won’t find in anything else.

To teach you about Jesus. You both have relationships with Him and I pray you never let that go.

To pray for and with you. There is so much power in prayer!

That I will be here for you as a safe place to land. You can always come home and always tell me anything.

That my love for you will never go away. You will always be my little girls.

That I don’t have a favorite child. I may show my love to you in different ways as you are different people, but please don’t confuse that with being loved more or less.

To be the best Mimi I can to your children. You are both loving and nurturing and will be amazing moms many (many) years from now.

To try not to laugh when your children do something that sounds exactly like you.

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4 thoughts on “To My Girls

  1. Hi Sarah,
    What a legacy for your girls as you model God’s words and principles to keep their lives on track with where God takes them! I had to laugh at the last one though, as you anticipate hearing them sound exactly like you when they’re older — and wondering if they’ll realize it! (That usually takes a while and then you’re stunned that oh my goodness, you’ve become your mother!)

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