Marked for Jesus

My knees are callused. Do you know how happy that makes me?

Maybe that sounds weird, but just like scars show what we have been through, my knees show my prayer life. Months ago, I started the habit my Grandma modeled for me all those years ago. I can still see her on her 93 year old knees by her bed every night. It is already hard enough to get down and back up now, so I can’t imagine what it must have been like for her. She had dedication!

When I first started making kneeling to pray a nightly habit, it was not always easy to remember. I would get comfortable in bed and then remember and have to get out, but now it is second nature. I find I concentrate better in a kneeling position and I am able to focus on the conversation. I try not to rush through, but that happens sometimes.

Why am I glad I have calluses? Well, for one, it means my knees have adjusted to the sensation of carpet. Kneeling on carpet leaves a mark and will leave the skin feeling irritated. Since I have repeatedly done this, my knees have toughened up. Having that toughness means I can pray a little longer without thinking about discomfort.

Another reason to rejoice is that this shows the progression of my prayer life and relationship with God. Prayer used to always be quick and quiet to me. It was like reading my list to God and maybe throwing in a “thanks” somewhere. Praying out loud in a group made me break into a sweat. God dealt with that by having me start a prayer team at church. 😉 Now that I am more comfortable praying out loud and for longer periods, He has had me start getting on my knees.

Calluses on any body part means less sensitivity. That is generally seen as a physical side effect, but for me it is a heart one as well. I find I am a little less sensitive to criticism these days. Really that means I am accepting instruction better and not assuming I know the right way all the time. (Maybe that is just a byproduct of getting older, but I also attribute it to more time in prayer.) God has also made my soul MORE sensitive so my feelings are LESS sensitive.

Praying on my knees every night has helped remind me that I am not in control. Every night, I worship God and give Him the glory in this simple action. I point the good back to Him and know that everything else will work out. Once I gave back the control I thought I had, God started showing me areas I am lacking and how I can help others. He brought me to a new level in our relationship.

Just like I saw my Grandma’s dedication, I hope my girls see mine. Whether they ever see me on my knees or not, I hope to show them and those in the world that I am marked for Jesus. He has done and will continue to do so much for me that I want His love and grace to just pour out of me.

Where in your life have you seen spiritual growth lately? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Marked for Jesus

  1. What a beautiful discipline. And I love the tie of the callouses to the ability to handle criticism. Yes, just yes. I know this well. When my spirit is being nourished by God’s Word alone, others’ words don’t find fertile ground to land in.

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