Chasing the Right Dream

When I was a kid, I had a dream. My family would spend weeks of summer at my Mimi and Papaw’s house in Tennessee, which I loved. Those were the best days! We roamed the woods, creeks, and hills with cousins. We went barefoot as often as we were allowed. We swam in the pool and waded in the creek. Life couldn’t get better than that!

My dream back then was to make it to this tree in the middle of a field. I would look from my grandparents’ house, out past my aunts’ houses. I would gather up a cousin or 2 and some snacks and head on an adventure. We would go down the hill, across fields and creeks and head in that general direction. Despite my wonderful sense of direction, (I could SO find my way out of a paper bag….but not much else), we never made it there. Nevermind the fact that I didn’t know what I would do once I made it there, I just wanted to go. See this lonely tree up close.

Aren’t you glad your dreams change? Looking back at my childhood makes me smile, but it would be sad if I stayed that same little girl. If I never got beyond the dreams of childhood, I would never have become who I am today. If I never pushed myself to do bigger things, I wouldn’t have accomplished the things God put before me. And if I hadn’t laid this dream down at the right time, I wouldn’t have found new dreams.

Maybe this is an exagerated view of life. Maybe you are thinking that of course you have different dreams now than when you were a kid. However, I think many of us have put ourselves in a box years ago, and we are still trying to uphold that view of ourselves. We wanted to be in a certain occupation as a child, so we think that is what we are supposed to be. Or we thought we would have a family by now. In big and small ways, we still identify ourselves by what we thought in our younger years.

If you are still hanging on to something that hasn’t happened, it might be time to let it go. If you have been striving to meet that goal, it may be that it wasn’t meant to happen. If your life isn’t going the way you planned, maybe your plan is off. No one will hold it against you if you change it some or find something new altogether. The only person that might be offended is you.

Dreams are meant to be held gently and with hands open. They are meant to take off or wait until the right breeze comes along, but they can easily be crushed or smothered. And sometimes, when we aren’t looking, another one lands on our hand. It is just right for us and has found a home. Let’s hold onto that!

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14 thoughts on “Chasing the Right Dream

  1. You’re so right, Sarah. Sometimes dreams are meant to be released and handed down to someone else or just let them disappear into thin air. They served their purpose in their time, whether fulfilled or not. Beautiful post.

  2. Holding our dreams with open hands lets us enjoy their presence and their prompting, but yet allows God to be God. I love this piece you’ve written, friend. True inspiration.

  3. Sarah I love this “Dreams are meant to be held gently and with hands open.” Agreed we sometimes hold onto some dreams a bit too long or never embrace the new. Great reminder for today!

  4. This is a great post. It’s not always easy to let go of our dreams, but I know that when I have, I have often found that God has something better in store that I’d never have imagined.

  5. This is great because now you can replace childhood dreams with God-sized dreams. I love how God still desires that we dream long after we think the time for dreaming is over.

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