Why Fair Trade Matters

Friday night we took our girls to the local high school football game. It is so hard to believe they will be there in 4 and 6 years! (Although that feels like a lifetime to them.)  We had a great time, but I took something important away from that night.

On the way out, we stopped to look at the shirts for sale. Lauren wanted something long sleeved, and they showed her a hoodie. The smile that lit up her face was so sweet. The total was a reasonable $20 and we ended up paying for half while she paid for the other half. The thing is an adult Small and swallowed that child up whole. The entire trip home, she kept giggling about how big it was and going on about how soft it is inside. Making her happy didn’t take much.


But some people can’t give their children gifts like this. My husband and I get to see the joy on our kids’ faces when we surpirse them or give them what they want. We shouldn’t be the only ones who get to have that experience.

I have been a part of Fair Trade Friday and purchased from fair trade companies for over a year. Moments like these solidify why I do. I believe moms and dads should be able to provide for their kids. I believe there is nothing more that parents want than to make their kids safe and happy. If I can, I want to help them do just that.

Fair Trade Friday has 3 different options. The main club costs $31.99 a month and you receive a box every month that contains 3-4 high quality items like jewelry, bags, and household items. It is like Christmas every month! (Speaking of Christmas, if this sounds expensive to you, think of it as Christmas shopping all year long. Everything in the box would make wonderful gifts-if you can manage to give it away.) There is also a Bracelet of the Month club for $13.99 per month and Earring of the Month for $11.99 per month. All three options provide jobs for women around the world. Each item includes a card with either the name of the woman who created the item or the country it was made in.  When you hold each item, you can feel the woman’s joy and satisfaction.

If you are interested in joning these clubs or want to shop their fair trade site, check out their website. I urge you to think about the last time you made your child (or one close to you) smile, and decide that every parent deserves that honor. It truly doesn’t take much but a willingness to shop differently.

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4 thoughts on “Why Fair Trade Matters

  1. Sarah,
    I love purchasing gifts that make a difference in the lives of those who crafted it or in the families that will benefit from the purchase! So often buying gifts for those who have all they need seems pointless but supporting those who need a boost in life — whether near us or halfway around the globe — means so much more! And your sweet girl looks adorable in her new hoodie sweatshirt!

  2. Fair trade gifts are a great way to bring joy to those we love while also making a big difference to the people who produce the items and their families. I haven’t heard of the box subscription before but it sounds like a good idea.

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