Like Water Spilled

When I look at King David’s life, it is a fascinating one. He is a shephard boy, giant slayer, would-be king and goes from there. There are may twists and turns on his path, as we can all relate. We can also relate to his unpredictable decision making skills.

In 2 Samuel 13, David’s son Absolom has killed his other son, Amnon, for raping Absolom’s sister Tamar (who was Amnon’s half sister.) After Amnon’s murder, Absolom went into hiding. I knew this story, but I didn’t know what made David bring him back.

See, it took David’s friend bringing in a wise woman to get David to see how much he missed Absolom. (Is anyone surprise it took a woman? Not me. Ahem.) This woman made up a story about her own family and then turned the tables on him to shine a light into his own soul. He missed his son and wanted him to come home, but he also felt that, as king, he needed to punish Absolom for murdering his brother.

Verse 14 of chapter 14 leaped off the page at me, “All of us must die eventually. Our lives are like water spilled out on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again. But God does not just sweep life away; instead, he devises ways to bring us back when we have been separated from him.” Let that soak in. I wish I could have met this woman!

We have all made mistakes that can’t be undone. Like spilled water, they take on a new form. They may be able to be mopped up, which we call damage control, but the water is out. It is spilled for all to see and mock. Our hands can’t move fast enough to clean it up.

The beauty of this verse to me is the second half. God doesn’t try to pretty us up-He knows that ship sailed in the Garden of Eden. We can’t make ourselves unsinful. So instead, He makes it all work. He lets our broken parts stand out and serve to help others.

The last thing God wants is to be separated from us, His creation. We mean everything to Him. No matter how much we push away from God, or plain old justify our sins, HE MAKES US WHOLE AGAIN. He makes us worthy, because HE is worthy. David couldn’t have Absolom unkill his brother, but he desperately wanted him in his life. He had to learn to forgive Absolom.

The difference in the story of David and Absolom and God and us is that God is not human. He forgives us when we ask for it and pulls us back to Him! I am so thankful that God is not ashamed of my past or future sins, but He finds a way to keep me with Him. There is nothing you or I can do to make God love us any less than completely. Let’s rest in that knowledge this weekend.

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4 thoughts on “Like Water Spilled

  1. Love this Sarah & I had missed that part too! I love how God’s Word is made fresh when we need it to be in our lives. Thanks for sharing and reminding us of how deep God’s love for us truly is!

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