Be Bold. Be Specific.

“Be specific in what you are asking for from God. Most people don’t know when God answers a prayer because they are praying very general prayers.”

“If prayer is not specific, we won’t know if it just happened or was because we prayed.”

“The more specific your prayers are, the more glory God receives.”

“The more faith you have, the more specific your prayers will be.”

Do you notice a theme here? These quotes are all from Mark Batterson and inspire me years after I read his books. Do you pray for specific things or just make blanket requests? Do you lay it all out to God or hold back? I believe He wants our honest requests.

I remember a time in my life, before I discovered the importance of being specific with God. Before I met my best friend, my family and I were praying for me to find a friend. I prayed for a Christian friend who lived near me. At times I prayed that she would be in my neighborhood, but I felt like that was telling God what to do. I shouldn’t go that far but should be more vague, right?


God wants to give us the desires of our hearts! After months of mostly vague and a few specific prayers, she and I finally met at our neighborhood pool! If I hadn’t added the neighbor part, we still would have met, but I wouldn’t have known if it was an answer to prayer and God giving me what I wanted.

Does God always give us specifically what we ask for? Of course not. Sometimes what we ask for is not best for us. I think we know that and decide not to even ask for what we really want. We turn our desire into a lump of generic prayer. “Please bless my family.”

When my girls ask for something, I want to give it to them. They know not to ask for Legos, but instead, ask for which set they want. They ask boldly. Obviously, if what they were asking for would hurt them, I would say no. Saying yes to Legos makes me very happy! (I am especially happy since they stay in the play room, aka the Lego room.)

Lately I have been wanting something to happen and have become more patient waiting for it. But I have decided I was not specifically asking for what I want. I have been too general and that really doesn’t honor God. Bold prayers honor Him. My faith is growing, and I want my prayer life to have more weight and show my faith. Of course, the more specific prayer may not be answered, but how do I know unless I ask? God may have chosen to bless me with it even if I didn’t ask for it, but then I wouldn’t know it was a result of my prayers.

God can do anything, and for some reason He wants to hear our hearts’ desires! He wants to give us what we ask for, but we must ask. I challenge you to look at what you are praying for and start being more specific. God will honor you.

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14 thoughts on “Be Bold. Be Specific.

  1. He already knows, doesn’t He. Yet it must give Him joy when we’re downright honest in our conversations with Him. And it frees our hearts to release all that’s rattling around in side. Thanks for this gentle reminder, Sarah …

  2. I’m reading Circle Maker right now, Sarah. What a gifted writer he is. Will pray with you for God to honor your bold prayer and give you the desire of His heart for you. ((Hug))

  3. Sarah, I have a very similar story about praying for a friend when my girls were small. I joined a MOPs group late in the year, and liked it enough to sign up again the next fall. I decided to pray for a friend at MOPs who lived in my neighborhood and had daughters my girls’ ages. The MOPs year started and no such person showed up. I just thought, “Well, OK … that’s that.” Then, ’round about December, a new mom came to MOPs and was assigned to my table. Turns out, she lived around the corner from me and had two girls near my daughters ages. Not only that, but our husbands were in the same industry. Long story short, we became and have stayed dear friends, even though we have both since moved from the neighborhood!

    You’re right … God may say no, but you never know unless you ask! Love this post, my friend!

  4. Hi Sarah! I found myself saying AMEN through all of this! I think we honor God’s character in being bold and specific. I’d love for you to share this on Fresh Market Friday Link-up because it’s a great fit for being intentional and passionate in how we live our life in Christ.

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