Am I Really Living?

That is the question I have been wondering the last few days. If today was the last day of my life (or of the world), would I be happy with how I spent it? To answer it, I look to the people around me who I feel are getting it right.

Am I watching it rain and enjoying the storm? Better yet, am I dancing in the rain?

Am I fully present with my husband and children? Do they wonder if I love them or my electronic devices more?

Do I spend my money on the first thing I see that catches my eye or am I waiting until I am sure I want it?

Am I giving my time and money to help someone who needs me?

Are my words kind and helpful? Do they point others to Jesus?

Am I reading my Bible because I want to and not out of obligation?

Do I stay in the moment and really soak up what is going on?

Do I find the good in every situation or focus on the bad?

Do I thank the people around me for all they do for me and tell them how much they mean to me?

Am I listening for God’s voice in every decision? Am I putting God’s will for my life above my own?

The answer to these questions is some of the time. No, I won’t ever get it all right, but I need to stay aware. Life goes by in an instant and I can miss it. When I think of the people I know who are suffering, it drives home the point that none of us know what our future holds. But I know the One who holds the future. Do you?



4 thoughts on “Am I Really Living?

  1. Good morning, Sarah. You’re so right, sometimes we just need to put everything aside and sit with the questions God is offering us. Thank you for putting some of the hard ones right on the table. They just can’t be ignored, can they …

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