A Dose of Election Reality

Here is a little secret: after the election next month, we won’t all be happy. I know, I know. Shocker. Here is another thing people don’t seem to realize: the president of the United States isn’t in control of everything. Crazy, huh? Well, I decided to think of some things for all of us to do instead of wringing our hands. (Or perhaps while we wring our hands?)

If we aren’t happy with how the government spends the country’s money, let’s spend ours the way we think it should be spent. Let’s lead by example. Let’s pay our own bills, save some, and give the rest.

Do you think the U.S. should only help those who need it here in the states after the hurricane? Then donate to the flood victims on the east coast. Give clothes, household items, and money to them. Do you think we should be helping Haiti, the poorest of the poor? Then you should donate to Samaritan’s Purse and Food for the Poor. If you agree with both sides, find a way to help people here and in Haiti.

Are you worried about race relations? Get involved in your community. Reach out to people of a different race than you. Have real conversations about people’s experiences and let them be honest. If it is not the same as yours, don’t judge them.

Do you think we have lost kindness? Be that kindness you miss. Smile and make eye contact. Be polite and maybe hold a door open for a stranger. Do a random act of kindness.

Are you concerned by the amount of people in need? Volunteer at a homeless shelter. Be a Big Brother or Big Sister. Visit elderly people or someone else you know who might be lonely. Maybe they don’t need the government as much as they need you.

Is there an issue that you are passionate about? Whoever the next president is, you can make change there. Abortion, gun control, women’s rights, immigrants. Get out there and help. There are so many organizations that need volunteers.

For the love of America, don’t berate someone who is voting for someone different than you are. This country only works when we allow each other to be different and truly embrace those differences. We don’t have to agree but we do have to respect other opinions.

If you are truly scared about the direction of this country, don’t let that fear paralyze you or make you indifferent. Let it guide you and motivate you. Figure out where you fit in and help. Roll up your sleeves and get to work bettering the country. Do what you can and remember that it will all work out.

Last but certainly not least, get out there and vote on election day! Honor those who have sacrificed so much for us to have that right, and let the nation know your opinion. We are counting on YOU!


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12 thoughts on “A Dose of Election Reality

  1. This is great, Sarah. We DO have options–we can help right where we are, in our communities, and through organizations that stretch beyond our communities. Thanks for this optimistic viewpoint; we all need it. šŸ™‚

  2. Sarah, for some reason the little slogan from the latest Cinderella movie is going through my mind after reading this: “Have courage and be kind.” Wonderful perspective … thanks for writing this!

  3. So I click on every political post I see. It is a weak spot but passionate part of me. But I love the approach you took this. Giving us practical tips that provide us an outlet of not thinking of ourselves but others. I like it! I think about doing a series on something like this (more of a biblical approach) next month thinking about beyond the election. Thank you for this unique point of view.

  4. I loved this. I hope you submitted it on some other websites. This needs to be heard. So true we need to look to Jesus in this time of ours.

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