After writing about rest earlier in the week, God nudged me to take things farther. Rest is important, but I must also connect with Him. Meditation, or even sitting still and doing nothing, is not my strong suit. But how can I expect God to speak to me if I am not listening?

The other night, my husband took the girls to play tennis for an hour. How did I spend that free time? Laundry. Cleaning the kitchen. I sat down for a few minutes of it, but most of the time I did housework. That is my problem. If I don’t have everything done before I rest, the guilt eats at me. Then an extended version of the song “All Who Are Thirsty” by Kutless came on Pandora.

Music speaks to me in a way nothing else does. If I am not listening to music, I am usually singing something that pops in my head. The song I was listening to and singing along to says “come Lord Jesus, come.” You know, if I want Jesus to come near to me, how will I know He is here if I am too busy? That is a scary question as I don’t want to miss Jesus’ words!

Even though I don’t do sitting and doing nothing well, I need to learn. My goal now is to just sit with my eyes closed for 5 minutes at a time twice a day. At this point, my mind tries to keep going a mile a minute, but I plan on calming it down. Over time, I will get better if I keep doing it. For now, I am just focused on breathing and pushing thoughts about my life out of my mind for 5 minutes.

I expect God to speak to me. For that to happen, I must listen. Are you listening?

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4 thoughts on “Thirsty

  1. I agree! This is very important for each one of us. The older we get, the more important it becomes for us to take time to rest in God. Surprisingly I do the same thing. I take a few minutes every day just to close my eyes and think, and let myself remember things I was supposed to do or that I didn’t do. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Resting in the Lord is something all humans struggle with in one degree or another, Sarah. You aren’t alone. My hubby talks about this illusive “nothing box” that he can go to….I can’t even fathom a nothing box, my mind is always go, go, go. I think it’s how we are wired. Rest is important for your mind, body and soul. praying you are able to take some time today and just breathe!

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