Time to Stand

I am a peacemaker. Big time. I dislike hearing arguments and especially don’t like being in those arguments. They make me want to close my eyes and be anywhere else! I know I am not alone in this lovely extreme trait.

The Bible says “blessed are the peacemakers” and “If possible, so far as it depends on you, be at peace with all men.” That makes it sound so wonderful. But I am realizing lately that it is doing me harm.

My inner self just wants us all to get along. If we could all gather around and hold hands singing Kumbaya, that would be awesome. When I hear about something bad happening, I can often see the situation from both sides. Other times I just don’t want someone to suffer, even if they were in the wrong. Whether it is misguided compassion or something else, I take it too far.

Of course there is right and wrong. My Mom had the gift of prophecy, and I always admired it. She could see everything as black and white, right and wrong. If someone was doing something that she knew to be wrong, she would tell them in love. There was no condemnation, only grace. People who are honest without being hateful are ones I gravitate to. That blows my mind! I am always afraid of hurting people’s feelings.

When I take peace to an extreme, it is as bad as a person who starts fights for no reason. There needs to be a middle ground. See, this has worked for me for, well, my whole life. I have accepted that this is who I am and it isn’t going to change. And I shouldn’t anyways, right?

Well, things have been getting heated and divided the last few years, to say the least. There is no sitting on the fence or going just over to one side then the other. I believe in the Bible as the ultimate truth and when someone twists it one way, I think that could be truth. Then I hear it another way and it just plain confuses my heart. I am not a Bible scholar and will never claim to be one. So I am one of those who are easily persuaded.

The other day I read Proverbs 7 and it showed me how easily I can be led astray. I like to make people happy, so I go with the flow. This chapter is about an adulterous affair but is also about the condition of our hearts. When we aren’t careful, we can make mistakes that can cost us our very soul. Something that seems so right or logical will take us right off course.

The narrow path that leads to Jesus is a hard one. It can feel lonely at times. Some days it seems like everyone has abandoned the path, but that isn’t true. We have reached a time where true Christians will stand out more. We are no longer a society based on Christian principles, which means it is all the more important for us to stand strong. We can’t let ourselves be blown by the wind and never take a stand.

I don’t like taking stands. I would much rather sit with my friends and family and be at peace. Since we aren’t in a time of peace, it is now my duty to be strong and courageous. God said He would be with me no matter what, and I believe Him. Will you stand with me?

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4 thoughts on “Time to Stand

  1. Hi Sarah,
    It is hard to take a stand! I’m glad truth in the scriptures is where we can stake our claim, but realizing that we can be at peace with those who think differently is not giving in, but giving them respect and love for who they are is also a worthy trait. I think you’re on the right track!

  2. Sarah, you are not alone. There is A LOT of confusion in this world, God’s Word will always be under attack and Truth will be distorted. This is why it is SO IMPORTANT to remain in God’s Word and know the Truth yourself. I think it’s ok to be a peacemaker. But you are right, taken to an extreme this can be just as dangerous as someone who is so confrontation. It sounds like God is growing you and stretching you right now, and that is always a good thing. Stay rooted in the Word and you will find your way. So loved your heart in this post. xoxo

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