Let Me Show Them the Way

Children are the future, and right now, they aren’t seeing much kindness. I think the biggest thing we need to teach our kids is how to treat others with consideration. If we show them now, it could change the world.

All of us need to remember that people have feelings. Now that so much communication is done on the internet, it is easier than ever to throw words out there. We may not even really believe these words as we say them, but they are there and can’t be taken back. Kids now are growing up in a scary time and in a world that more and more needs love.

We have lost eye contact and a smile. We don’t have small gestures like a pat on the back since we can’t reach through the computer. All we have are our actual words and we have to hope they are interpreted correctly. Even when they are taken the right way, there is no emotion as there would be in a voice. It truly is sad.

This makes it all the more important for our children to learn to seek out the truth and not to go along with the crowd. They need to learn to think for themselves and not get into the mob mentality. The internet makes it easy to gang up on someone since that person has no face to our kids. Their life can easily have no meaning to a child who just wants to make their friends happy.

My girls are still in elementary school, but we talk about this a lot. The biggest thing I want them to learn from me is that their actions matter. They should treat everyone with love and respect. I don’t care if they know someone or not-they need to be kind. They need to be a friend.

The other night we were in the car (where many of the good conversations happen.) The girls don’t say much about politics, and I am glad for that. I want them to stay young and innocent as long as possible. But there is no age too young to understand the importance of treating people well. I love these talks about how they are helping the people around them. I pretty much drill it into their heads. They understand how important it is. However, I have to model it for them as well. I can’t tell them to be nice and then turn around and be nasty to someone around me. (Maybe these conversations in the car aren’t helpful. I at least try to keep road rage in check!)

When kids get it and that light bulb goes off, the world changes for them. They become more intentional with their words. They are more loving toward everyone. They make the world better. Can you imagine if all kids were taught how valuable kindness is?

It starts with me.

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10 thoughts on “Let Me Show Them the Way

  1. Sarah,
    What is it about the car that inspires such good questions and conversations with kids? (Must be the monotony that gets them thinking deeper thoughts!) I think how you model what you say and how you behave is the biggest impact you can have on your girls. They’re always going to remember a feeling, a word, a way you reached out to a stranger and what a way to show them how to really love! xo

  2. Yes, it starts with us doesn’t it? You brought up a couple of things I hadn’t considered like there’s lack of physical touch and eye contact when we speak through a device so often. Even though our kids are grown, we still need to be intentional about the words we use. Well said, Sarah.

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