We throw around the words “thankful” and “grateful” a lot this time of year. We make them sound cute and create trendy hashtags. We say we are these words, but do our actions tell of our actual contentment? Probably not.

I say I am thankful for my car but then complain about having to get a new tire.

I love my house but don’t want to vacuum it.

I love that my husband loves to play tennis until I think he is playing too much.

I am grateful for my children and then they fight and I am ready to ship them off.

I am mostly healthy but focus on the few areas that I wish were different.

Being grateful isn’t a human trait and we can’t do it alone. 1 Thessalonians 5 says, “Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” I need Jesus to keep me joyful and thankful and that means staying in constant communication. If I don’t keep seeking Him, I will miss the good things that He has for me. No, I won’t ever understand many of the things that happen in my life, but I can look at them in a new way.

Moving around as a kid helped me make friends easier.

Every breakup with a boy led me closer to my husband.

Bad days at jobs pushed me to look for new ones.

Trying to conceive a baby for a year prepared me for parenthood and deepened my trust and patience.

Losing Mom too young is still a tough one. I have a hard time finding reasons to celebrate her death but I am always glad she lived. I am always thankful she was MY Mom.

Maybe you can relate to something I have mentioned. Or maybe you have a wayward family member and you will have to make it through another Christmas season without them. Maybe you just received test results you didn’t want. Your divorce is finalized and you will have to spend less time with your kids. Or your heartbreak is so fresh and personal you haven’t told anyone about it. God is near and will get you through.

If we don’t ask God for help, we won’t see what is happening through His eyes. We will keep moping and complaining and miss the wonder God wants to show us. He wants our hearts to actually be thankful for everything, because there is good in everything. There are surprises around every corner. Good surprises. Healing surprises. Keep looking for them and you will find them.

I hope you have a #joyful and #thankful Thanksgiving!

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4 thoughts on “#thankful

  1. So true- looking at things from a human perspective we can find a way to complain even in the midst of our blessings! But seeking God changes a lot and we can find joy in him if we look for it, even when our circumstances are hard. Hope you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving!

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