To the Imperfect Parent

So, you do your best as a parent but you make some mistakes. Join the club. My girls are still pretty young, but I joke that they are going to need therapy for something. I am just providing the reason.

Each generation has new issues to deal with- things that advice from wise parent council won’t be able to help with. That is normal. The world is constantly changing in some ways, so we have to rely on our own wisdom. After all, our kids are given to us to raise and not someone else.

Sometimes I think we focus on protecting our kids from one thing that ends up going completely over their head and they don’t even notice, but then they pick up on something else we didn’t even think about. Sometimes it is something we didn’t know we had to protect them from. None of us can be perfectly attuned to our kids at all times, but we can love them well.

If you are feeling like a bad parent, here are ways you are probably a good parent:

You show your kids affection and tell them you love them, especially during the prickly preteen and teen years.

You teach them to respect and obey authority.

You don’t give in every time you hear, “But my friend has one! Why can’t I?”

You listen to them, even when you have a million things to do.

You teach them the value of hard work and earning a dollar.

You don’t rush in to fix every problem they have but wait to see what they will do.

You challenge them to dream big and to stretch themselves.

You help with homework and help them figure out where their strengths are. You focus more on their strengths than their weaknesses.

You tell them you are proud of them and will always be.

You teach them to never give up and that as long as they keep trying, they haven’t lost.

You pray for and with them. You teach them about Jesus’ love for them and that His love never goes away, just like yours.

I think that as long as you have done half of these things, you are a better parent than you realize. We all judge ourselves more harshly than the outside world, and I think that is especially true with something as big and personal as parenting.  We zero in on the small issues where we err but forget all the things we do right.

There is always room for improvement, but there is also room for celebration. We are all works in progress, so as long as you are laying the groundwork for your kids, I would say you love them well. Let’s remember that and cheer ourselves and others on!

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