Honest Christmas Letter

Dear loved ones, (and people we feel obligated to communicate with once a year),

What a year this has been! It feels like we have accomplished a lot, but looking back, it is clear we haven’t.

Kaitlyn is 8 and full of life. Our little blond haired, blue eyed girl has learned new words in third grade. One she pulls out frequently is “bruh.”  (As in, “seriously, bruh?”) She throws it into conversation and is always met with laughter from her mom. Kaitlyn still wants to be a cat lady one day (or maybe a cat groomer) and says she knows more than 80 cat sounds. Don’t make her use them! Seriously, please don’t. We are tired of them. She has played in 2 piano recitals this year, songs that we now all hear in our sleep.

Lauren is 10 and is a deep thinker. Whatever she attempts, she accomplishes. In the girls’ first year of swim team, Lauren surprised us by how good a swimmer she is. Definitely got her father’s genes there! In May, she decided she wanted to learn cartwheels and hand stands and she taught herself how to do them. At least when we hear a thud coming from her room, we know what it is. Lauren still wants to work for NASA one day, but she will need to pull up her math grades for that. She has lost all of her baby teeth, a fact which made her mom very sad. There isn’t much baby left in her, which is probably a good thing for middle school coming up.

Sarah is in her second year as a school lunch lady. She loves her job and loves to be around adults as well as the sweet kids. The kids at this school are so polite that it is more surprising to not hear “thank you” as to hear it. She still writes her blog and tries to hawk her Intentional Spending book. After school, she helps the girls with homework and makes dinner. Nothing but excitement around here!

James was promoted to senior manager and got his own office. Don’t ask us what he does besides go to meetings and build databases or you will get a blank stare. After all these years at Depot, we think he has finally settled in. He loves to play tennis, which is good since our neighborhood has about 3,782 teams that are pretty much always playing.

When we are together, we like to be sarcastic and sing. Usually 80’s songs. The girls are in Praise Team at church, and James and Sarah are still teaching second grade Sunday School. We finished our Food for the Poor project (finally) by offering our babysitting services. Sarah realized how much harder it is to run around after toddlers in your late thirties than in your twenties. Luckily, Lauren is an awesome babysitter.

There really is no point in sending this out since most of you are on Facebook, but we must keep the Christmas letter industry alive. We hope this letter finds you well enough to open it.

Merry Christmas from all of us to all of you!

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12 thoughts on “Honest Christmas Letter

  1. Sarah,
    I loved reading this summary of your year! (Photos?! :)) I can imagine feeling ambivalent about your youngest leaving babyhood behind and becoming more of a young lady, but your girls are so sweet that it must be incredibly fulfilling to mother them as you do! I bet you’d have lots of schoolroom antics to share and I’m sure there’s never a dull moment around your place — what fun and how beautiful! Sending you loving wishes for a merry Christmas and a bundle of blessings for 2017! xoxo

  2. Sarah, this is awesome!! (Or maybe I should throw in some teenage lingo I’ve learned in recent years and say, “Dude, this is lit!”) I’m still laughing about the NASA/math grades part … we could certainly swap some stories about girls and their career aspirations (and lack thereof, as the case may be… ). This has been a bright spot in my morning … I’m so glad you wrote it despite the fact that mostly everyone (not me, though) is on Facebook! Merry Christmas to you and your lovely fam (more teenage lingo, just for you)!

  3. I haven’t received a single Christmas letter this year. I always enjoy reading them, so thanks for sharing yours, Sarah. Sounds like you’ve had a wonderful year with a wonderful family! Merry Christmas.

  4. Christmas letters annoy me when they make everything sound too perfect. I just think, “Seriously, bruh?” I like your style a lot better! I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

  5. The art of the beloved Christmas card sending and letter writing is dying and thank you for keeping it alive Sarah. If we hung out together, I would have two main goals in my new year 1) to hear of the many ways “bruh” can be used in conversation and 2) to hear all those distinctive cat sounds. I’m not kidding. That sounds like a hoot! 🙂 Happy to hear you have a lively, fun brood to enjoy the Christmas season with! Merry Christmas!

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