Pray Daily for Help

We have a new year and a chance to evaluate where we are in life. Even though we can do this any time of year, it often occurs to us at the beginning of the year. Times of reflection are so necessary, especially with the busyness life brings. This last year has done wonders for my heart. After decades of being a worrier, I am learning to identify when it is happening and deal with it instead of stewing in it.

Lately my mind has found something new to wonder about. I was told this week, “You just can’t think about that!” Yes, the future is unknown to me so I tend to let my mind go to it and just sit. I was dwelling there instead of briefly visiting. Sometimes I just have to be told not to think about something!

That same day, I saw the quote, “Everything is simpler than you think and at the same time more complex than you imagine.” (Johann Wolfgang von Goethe)  I apparently like to complicate things. I wish I could be one of those people who just go along and don’t overthink.

Whether I worry about something or not, the outcome will be the same. My worrying does nothing for anyone, least of all myself. When I hash out what could possibly happen, I am just digging deeper into a hole that I then have to climb out of. Who has time or energy for that?

Behind the scenes are a million variables that will fall into place by the time I get there. Life is simple because I can only deal with the part that is in front of me and then move on. It is complex in that all of the other people that are affected have to do their part. I only see the tree in front of me, not the forest all around. That is the way it should be. When I get ahead of life, I can’t see any of it clearly. It is all blurry because none of it has happened yet.

Why do I worry about the future? Good question. God has it firmly in His hands, and that is where I need to leave it. He has never left me or forsaken me and He never will. He has gone before me and gotten me this far in life. I need to get out of my own way and let God do the heavy lifting. Once I tell Him I am ready for the next step, I need to be all in.

Over the past year I have grown tremendously in this area. Every night I prayed for a peaceful heart. After a few months, I began to notice a calm settling over me. I think I realized it is truly a day by day issue that can be conquered with God’s help. I don’t plan to ever stop praying for peace every day, because that would be making assumptions that I don’t need help anymore or that I am “cured.” Neither are true. I will always need God’s help because this is a weak area for me.

Do you have a weak area in your life that you have not been able to conquer on your own? I challenge you to begin praying daily for help. God will step in and move on your behalf. You don’t have to go through life alone!

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4 thoughts on “Pray Daily for Help

  1. Oh yeah, if ever we needed to be faithful pray-ers it would be right about now, Sarah. How extraordinary to be in relationship with the One who spun the stars into place, who holds this crazed world in His hand.

    How blessed we are to have access to His loving heart …

  2. As another reformed worrier, I know this to be so true Sarah! Worrying is liking rocking in a rocking chair, a lot of effort and movement that goes no where. I too pray for peace and love abiding it in, but need His provision of it daily. Keep on praying and letting go and letting God!

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