Attack of Unbelief

The world is full of misguided beliefs these days. Many people don’t believe in God, and others believe in Him, but believe in themselves more. They feel scared and helpless and decide that, if there was a God, He wouldn’t let bad things happen. That is where we come in.

Notice how when something bad happens, people disappear? When we need to talk something through or need a favor, they are no where to be found? Let’s be the one who sticks around, closer than a brother, as Proverbs says.

I have friends I can count on no matter what. Even when I have been awake half the night and look scary, they still have me over for coffee to figure things out. I can call them to come over, and they will drop everything. When I need a friend, I know them by name.

When I want to be a friend, I try to be honest and vulnerable. People can tell when we put up walls or give a fake answer. I don’t want to be plastic. Plastic will melt or break when tested. I want to give answers that can guide and will hold up when questioned.

Lately, I have been hearing the word unbelief in my mind. There are times when I doubt and have questions. God gave me a brain and wants me to use it. I don’t think He gets angry with me over my lack of faith. If I bring it to Him instead of wallowing in it, God will honor my relationship with Him. He helps me straighten out my frantic side.

If someone I know is having trouble believing and trusting for the best, I shouldn’t judge them for it. I should walk alongside them. Listen to them. Give my opinion only if asked. If they need time to work through pain or anger, the best thing I can do is make sure they know they have it. It can takes time to work toward faith. It isn’t always instant and unwavering.

I love the story in Mark, where a father brings his son to Jesus for healing. He tells Jesus, “I do believe; help me overcome my unbelief.” How often are we that honest in front of others? How often are we even that honest with Jesus? We put on a show and act like nothing gets to us. “Nothing makes ME have doubts.” Well, I will tell you I doubt. Any time I am fearful, that is a lack of faith. Any time I wonder what is going to happen in this country, that is my lack of faith coming through. When I wonder how things can ever get better, I have unbelief.

When I want God to use me to the fullest, I have to let Him guide me through unbelief. I have to be vulnerable to those around me and show them that we can bring those doubts we have to God. Then I have to ask God for help to overcome that unbelief.

There is nothing wrong with questions and doubts, but what we do with them matters. And how we help others with their faith matters too.

10 thoughts on “Attack of Unbelief

  1. Disappearing friends are so very disappointing aren’t they. Their responses to our lives leaves us deflated and grieving.

    Thanks for the gentle reminder that our belief, our hope, our trust is in God alone.

    Because sooner or later, everyone else is going to let us down.

  2. Dear Sarah, I love it when friends are real people and tell me the truth to my face. It is a blessing to have such good as true friends you can call for help.
    Thanks for the Mark reference..I like the prayer the father said too.simple and honest. Happy new year to you 😄
    Many Blessings to you, Sarah

  3. No plastic people for me, either, please. 🙂 Like that term, Sarah. — I sometimes repeat out loud (from scripture) “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.” So often, we can believe and disbelieve all at the same time, can’t we? And, like you, I’m glad God’s okay with that. 🙂 — Saw your comment on Linda’s site and clicked over. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  4. It is important to be honest about our doubts and questions- and to be there for others wrestling with these things. I think often our questions can draw us closer to God if we bring them to him and work through them. It can actually lead to deeper faith in the end.

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