Birthday Love Note

My child, You had a birthday this week! That day is so special to me because I designed you. I thoughtfully put everything in you that you would need in this world. I gave you a heart that beats for me. I included a brain to think and reason and figure out ways to help others. Because of My work, you have the capacity to make others feel comfortable and appreciated. Please don’t discount any of that.

The day you came into the world is important to people. Let them show it. Let them celebrate you and the life you live. Some knew you from that day and others a shorter time, but you are special to them. Brushing off the day is not something you need to do. Just because you are not a child anymore doesn’t mean the day means less. In some ways it means more, because there are more people affected by you. Just like you love to celebrate their birthday, they want to celebrate yours.

This world has so many stressful days, so it is all the more important to embrace your birthday. Often you feel unseen or unappreciated. When people give you a card, a cupcake, or a birthday greeting, I want you to soak it up. They are loving you for Me. They are showing My love for you in tangible ways. Don’t make them think it is silly. These words from them mean a lot. In the dark moments, you can look back on this day and remember how very loved you are.

When someone says, “Happy Birthday,” please smile back and thank them. Don’t make a self deprecating remark or tell them it is just another day. It is not an ordinary day, for you are not ordinary. Everything I create is special and one of a kind. YOU are one of a kind. I put you right where you are and right when you are because of My plan for your life. There is so much good in you and so much of Myself. I want you to see all you are and all the ways you are loved. Let people show you that love. For Me.

I never regret designing you. In fact I smile when I think of you. So do many others. I have you celebrate your birthday so you never forget that.

I will cherish you forever,

Your Father

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8 thoughts on “Birthday Love Note

  1. Aw, this is so beautiful, Sarah! “Brushing off the day is not something you need to do. Just because you are not a child anymore doesn’t mean the day means less.” As adults we often try to lay low about our birthdays, but obviously we shouldn’t. Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

  2. Hope you had a great birthday! I’m not good at celebrating birthdays- I’m ok with other people’s but not with my own- so this is encouraging and thought-provoking.

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