Lesson from Tom Brady

After being in Georgia for 2 decades, it was exciting to see the Atlanta Falcons get to the Super Bowl, even though they lost. As I am like my Grandma, I like to pull for the underdog and the Falcons certainly qualified!

As the first half progressed and the Falcons were actually way up on the Patriots, the cameras would pan around the stadium. They kept showing the faces of players, and the Patriots were not looking happy. The Grandma part of me started feeling bad, but not for long. They have enough Super Bowl wins! πŸ™‚

After the Patriots tied the score and then won in overtime, I did some thinking. We all have choices when life gets hard. There are times life will manhandle us, (like the Falcons defense did to Tom Brady.) How we handle those times is crucial to success.

One option we all have is to give up in defeat. We can say we are tired of fighting, we aren’t good enough, or any number of excuses. We can return to our safe place and lick our wounds in privacy. This way won’t lead to excellence, but it is always an option.

The other way is the way the Patriots went. They let the setbacks of the first half of the game drive them forward. Instead of curling up in a ball and admitting defeat, they figured out what wasn’t working. They never gave up and wore down the Falcons until they eventually won.

Determination is a skill we must have in life. We need to know what our goal is and keep our focus on it at all times. Now, I don’t plan on playing football, but I have goals in life. I can get distracted or discouraged if I let myself. I can feel like I am not doing as good as the next person and give up. Or I can fight.

My goals are pretty simple. I want to have a strong marriage and raise kids who are kind and loving. I want to show love to others who need it. How I do that may change, but those goals don’t. If I ever give up on those goals, game over. Instead, when setbacks happen, I want to dust myself off and move forward. I have failed many times, but each failure just means I need to change my method.

How about you? Do you want to allow failure to push you to the next level? Remember, who you are and what you do matter. Make your time on earth count, and don’t give up!


8 thoughts on “Lesson from Tom Brady

  1. Sarah,
    I’m sorry about your Falcons losing! I’m not a fan of Brady (since they always beat my Steelers :)) but when I saw him singing along to the national anthem at the start of the game, he suddenly looked human and had a heart instead of the robotic yet focused athlete he always seemed to be, and I decided I didn’t mind him winning so much after all. Heart and humanity wins every time! And may we always show a little heart and a lot more humanity, too! xoxo

    1. He definitely is a person, but it is easier to see that when they are less shiny. πŸ™‚ When we were whooping them, he seemed more human to me.
      Having our team in the Super Bowl really brought our city together, which was awesome!

  2. “They let the setbacks of the first half of the game drive them forward.” Love the way you saw this important life-strategy in the game. Too often, I want to hole up and lick my wounds, say, “it’s too hard…” Here’s to coming out of our caves and back into the game!

  3. Hi Sarah Failure has a way of breathing down defeat. If we listen to all the negatives we have ever had we would find it difficult to get up and try again.

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