Is There Anything I Can DO?

My youngest baby girl told me on New Years Eve that she didn’t want to stay up until midnight. She wanted to go to sleep and forget about everything. She is 8. Yikes. Apparently, her class had taken a math test before Christmas and she didn’t think she did well. We chatted about how worrying doesn’t solve anything and she felt much better. Her teacher later told me that this particular test is one that allows each student to keep going until they get a certain amount of questions wrong. Kaitlyn kept getting them right and took longer than other kids. She did well on the test but made assumptions and worried herself into a tizzy. Sounds familiar to me….

Worrying never accomplishes anything. I told my girls this week that the next time they find themselves nervous about something, they should ask themselves, “Is there anything I can do?” If there is, they should do it. If not, they should move on. There are certainly times we can do something, but plenty more where we can’t. This is a good method of determining if the anxiety is valid or not.

I recently began letting go of the future. As I said in a post a few weeks ago, we are hoping to foster and/or adopt a child or children. We haven’t been to the information session or done the many hours of training yet, but by golly, I had it all figured out. In the summer of 2018, we were going to adopt a 5 or 6 year old from the foster care system. I would find a new part time job, since I can’t take days off in my current one. Seriously, it was a definite plan! It got too overwhelming, wondering if all the exact pieces were going to fall into place. I decided to wait and see. We will start fostering at the right time. If the option to adopt comes up and it feels right, we will do it. Children’s lives are too important to God to let them fall through the cracks. He will work it all out. In the meantime, I am excited instead of a ball of nerves.

None of us can change the score on a past test. We can’t take back words spoken in anger. BUT we can study hard or differently for the next test, and we can apologize and make it up to our friend. We can’t wonder and fret about the future productively, but we can make wise decisions now. The future is safely in God’s hands. Let’s leave it there.

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8 thoughts on “Is There Anything I Can DO?

  1. So true- we would avoid a lot of anxiety if we learn to leave things with God. I know that but it is definitely not something I find easy to put into practice.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    Worrying sure does its share of damage, doesn’t it? But I love your advice to your daughter to do what you can do and leave the rest to God! I think we practical girls love to figure things out ahead of time but I’m not sure that’s how it’s supposed to be. How else would God show up and show us he’s got it all under his control?! Looking forward to hearing about your foster care journey! xoxoxo

  3. Hi Sarah! You say a lot worth reflecting on in this post. These two stay with me: “Childrenโ€™s lives are too important to God to let them fall through the cracks.” and “The future is safely in God’s hands. Let’s leave it there.” I needed both of those reminders today! Praying you experience the blessing of those statements as you go through your foster/adopt journey. Happy to be your neighbor over at “Coffee for Your Heart!”

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