Fifth Grade Is Giving Me More Gray Hair

Y’all, fifth grade is hard. For me, not my child. Well, for her too. This year we have had to deal with friend drama for the first time, Lauren has been unorganized and her grades are terrible. This is uncharted territory for her. I suspect it is only going to get harder.

What I pray Lauren is learning through all of this is that God has her in the right place. She is at the right school with the right teacher. Nothing was overlooked. Of course I want her to learn from mistakes she has made and do better, but she will be making mistakes all her life. If she grasps the concept that nothing she does escapes God, she will do well.

In the past, Lauren has had only sweet teachers who baby the class. (Not Kaitlyn, bless her heart.)  She has felt loved and cherished no matter what she has done. She has never liked to ask or answer a question, but I get that. All those other years, she excelled and life was good.

Enter fifth grade. The school my girls attend expect a lot out of the fifth graders. They are not ruling the school, as one would think (or maybe it was just us thinking that). They set the example for the younger kids and get in trouble more often. There is not even whispering in the hallways, as the younger kids get to do. They have to be quieter in the lunchroom. It has been a difficult year, but worth the effort.

Lauren’s teacher is sweet and loving, but she expects the kids to work harder. There are more consequences than there have been. She is preparing the class for middle school next year. In middle school, teachers won’t hold their hands and baby them. If the kids were to go in unprepared, they would be shocked and not do their best. Her teacher says many kids come back to her and say sixth grade is much easier after being in her class.

As an adult, I believe God puts us in situations that are difficult and help us grow. Maybe He is preparing us for something greater, or maybe He wants us to draw close to Him in our weakness (or both.) It has taken me many years to understand that there is a plan for my life and to embrace it, but if I could have gotten it sooner, I would be better off. I would worry less and enjoy life more. God has me in the palm of His hand where I am safe. Why would I want to be anywhere else?

My baby will go on to middle school in a few months. She will be more confident in her abilities and readiness. She will have less fear of the work. She will begin to blossom into the woman God wants her to be. If she can grasp the concept that she is in the right place now rather than later, her life will make more sense.

How about you? Do you go through life knowing God has you covered? That He has a plan and purpose for your life? Rest in that knowledge this weekend, my friends!

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4 thoughts on “Fifth Grade Is Giving Me More Gray Hair

  1. Oh, Sarah – I relate to this post on so many levels. As the mom of an 8th grader, middle school substitute teacher and the wife of a middle school teacher, I can tell you that the guidelines and structure taught in 5th (for us 6th) make the transition to middle school SO MUCH better. The independence and accountability she’s learning now will equip her to handle what’s expected of her from 6-7 different teachers. As a mom in general though, I feel your pain. We had some stretching elementary school years where our ultimate lesson was, “you’re not always going to like your teachers (and neither are we) but we still have to respect them.” These growing pains can be so tough, but yes, God uses them in all of our lives to prepare us for what He knows is ahead. Keep at it, awesome mama!

  2. I remember 5th grade being tough for my son as well. Teachers really are trying to get them ready for middle school. Those are some difficult years but with a mommy like you, your baby girl will do very well :). They just grow up way too fast. My baby enters high school next year. I’m in a bit of a state of shock. You are so right though. God has got us covered. I need to remember that simple beautiful truth more often! Thanks for the reminder :).

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