Make That Change Now

Years ago, I wondered if we would ever be out of debt. The mountain seemed too high and we weren’t putting a dent in it. Why should we bother trying?

Happily, I can tell you we are out of debt now and are saving as well as giving more than I thought we would be able to. Paying off debt has led to so many things! The first thing is after a few years of being away from that mountain, we were able to move to a bigger house that has a flat yard and driveway. Our girls can play outside safely.

After we moved, I spent 6 months writing my book, Intentional Spending, because I had time. Right after the book was published, I began working part time because I wanted to, not because I had to.

Having an extra bedroom in the new house is a dream come true. I wanted a guest room, like most of us want. Little did I know at the time that a desire I have pushed down for years would surface now. I have always wanted to foster or adopt, and that empty room has been calling to me. Why should it sit empty most of the time when little ones need a bed?

I can honestly say that had we not worked hard to pay off debt when we did, our lives would look very different. We would be more stressed and fight more. I would not have been able to stay home and would have missed the time I had when the girls were little. My writing would not have happened, both this blog and my book. Most of all, we would not have been in a place to begin the fostering journey. We would have been stagnant, waiting for the good life to begin. We would have been waiting for the life God had planned for us.

It’s not that we will never have to worry about money again. None of us knows the future. However, I think we are better equipped now than we were before. When things come up, we have a stronger base. We know we can trust God to help us because we have seen Him come through time after time.

What lies in your future that God is preparing you for? Will you start your own company? Give more? Adopt a child? Have a parent move in with you? God wants to blow the doors off your expectations, but He can’t if you are limited. Whether it is your finances or some other limitation, make that change now. Take care of it now so God can take you to your next place. He is waiting for you.

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12 thoughts on “Make That Change Now

  1. Thanks for sharing your wisdom here, Sarah. I’m so glad you were able to pay that debt. Praise God, my husband and I have no debt. Last year, we had severe financial struggle (2 major health issues, and a lemon of a car) that almost wiped us out. But I started reframing it. Rather than lamenting our losses, I’m SO GRATEFUL we had (and God provided) the money to pay everything off without going into debt. That is such a big thing to be grateful for.

  2. How smart to make all these freedom decisions now, rather than later on in life. You’ve opened the door to all kinds of invitations and opportunities!

    Can’t wait to see what God’s going to do, friend …

  3. Yes, the unknown. Always such a scary place even for people of faith. Crazy. We will be entering a new period of lives in the next two years. One moment I’m scared and in the next breath I’m confident of God’s care. Good encouraging words here Sarah. Love that you share from your experience.

  4. Hi Sarah,
    It’s so amazing isn’t it to look back and see how God is preparing our hearts and lives for new things? Even the hard times have a purpose. I love it that you’re exploring fostering and being flexible to what may be your next step — that’s when you put your faith into action and discover the adventure with God that you never imagined! xoxo

  5. Sarah,
    Congratulations on persevering and paying off that debt and being open to God’s new dreams for you. Praying God continues to guide you and your family as you consider fostering. Being out of debt makes such a difference. Blessings to you and your family 🙂

  6. I love how you can look back and see God’s work in preparing you for where you are now, and how you’ve seen his faithfulness. And I think it’s great that you’re looking into fostering.

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