Sometimes It Is Enough To Be Known

I was stuck in my feelings. Anger. Sadness. Confusion. It wasn’t a roller coaster of good and bad, but all bad. I couldn’t shake these feelings by myself.

I needed help.

Praying wasn’t helping, because I couldn’t focus or even find the right words. The feelings were suffocating. Ever been there?

Finally, I turned to my Bible. I started at the beginning and found God. At times I skimmed the stories. I started a list of the times God came through.

God saved Noah and his family from the flood, just like He promised.

God gave Abraham and Sarah a son, just like He promised.

God brought Isaac and Rebekah together, in just the way they asked Him to make it clear.

God saw Leah’s pain when Jacob wanted her sister. He honored her when He saw she was unloved.

Our Creator comes through in different ways. Some times He makes a big promise and fulfills it in a bigger way. He is flashy and shows off. Everyone around us sees how powerful our God is.

Sometimes He allows us to test Him and shows us signs that He is there. He knows our weaknesses and that we are afraid of making the wrong choice. He shows up and shows off His listening skills.

Most of the time, I think he chooses to quietly sit next to us. He whispers in our ears words so soft that we have to be still to hear them. He writes us a love song in the events around us. God always sees us in our pain and sadness. He feels the sadness with us. Just because we feel alone in it doesn’t mean we are alone. We are not forgotten.

Genesis 29:31 says,”When the Lord saw that Leah was not loved, he enabled her to conceive, but Rachel remained childless.” He wasn’t picking sides, but He saw her in her grief. Rachel did eventually have children, but Leah needed to feel special right then.

God always comes through in whatever way we need. We may have those moments of doubt, but at the right time a promise is fulfilled, a path is made clear, or we are simply known.

Sometimes being known and loved is enough.

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10 thoughts on “Sometimes It Is Enough To Be Known

  1. Oh goodness, sarah. You’ve written wonderful encouragement here. I love how you recounted all God did, how His promises came to be fulfilled, in the lives of the Bible greats. And I love your simple, one-lined close. You’re a mighty warrior for Jesus. Visiting via #coffeeforyourheart.

  2. Not long before I read this I got some very disappointing news. We’d been praying for something and the answer was no. Or at least not now. I have so many questions swirling in my head over this. And then I read your post and can only try to take comfort in knowing God loves us. Yes, he does. Always. Fully. Thanks Sarah.

  3. So true, sometimes it’s enough just to know that God sees us and he is with us. He will work in our situation somehow even if we can’t see how. I love how these stories from the Bible remind us of his faithfulness.

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