Unmerited Grace

God, Thank You for the lessons You are constantly teaching me. So many times I don’t think what I am doing is wrong or I get desensitized to the impact it has on me. I need the fresh voice calling me out. It may hurt at the time, but I am thankful You love me enough to want me obedient. You want me to be my best.

The state of my heart is what matters most to You.  My motives and whether I am truly sorry for what I have done are what You go by. You cut through the nonsense and get to what is really going on. When I am sorry, You help me turn in a new direction. You also take my guilt and shame away when I bring it to You. I am washed white as snow when I step into Your presence.

You collect my tears and know the reason behind each one. I may never know why most of them have been shed, but I have You to comfort me and guide me. You never let any of those experiences go to waste but instead redeem them for Your glory.

Just like I help my children navigate their way, so You help me. I have been through what they are going through and have learned wisdom in dealing with life. You have all the wisdom I will ever need. What an encouraging thought!

I am sorry for the times I think I know what is best and go my own way. I am sorry for the times I fret and try to do everything by myself. Please keep me near You, close enough to hear You. Help me hear and obey and not doubt Your love.

You love me so much You sacrificed Your Son for my sins. Not just the person next to me, but for ME. Not someone who has it all together, but ME. You sent Your Son to die an excruciating death when I don’t even always appreciate it. Thank You for doing it anyways.

I can never repay You, and You know that. Thank You for never expecting me to deserve and work for Your love. Thank You for the grace You freely give me and for welcoming me as Your daughter. Amen


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