Let It Go

Last week I was having an attitude problem. Some people said things that irritated me. In my head, I kept rehashing it and thinking of what I wanted to say to them.  How did they have the nerve to say things when they aren’t perfect in this area either? Round and round I went, and none of this was helping my mood. It was doing the opposite, actually. I needed help. Ever been there?

While all of this was being discussed in my brain, I heard a voice that was not like the one I normally hear. It said, “Let it go.” (No, this is not all some ruse to get the song stuck in your head, but that is a fun byproduct!) I tend to hold onto my resentment like it is going to get me somewhere. It is not my lifeline and will in fact cause me to sink. Why do I keep feeding it?

Right there I decided to ask for help. I prayed and asked God to help me quit remembering the slights I had perceived. From then on, every time the idea would come up in my mind, which was surprisingly often, I would stop thinking about it. Maybe by trying to see the person in a different way. Maybe by thinking of the person as trying to help me. Or maybe just by thinking about something else.

The next morning, I turned on the radio and heard the line, “I’m done fighting, I’m finally letting go,” from Sidewalk Prophets’ song “Help Me Find It.” OK, OK, I get it. My human brain is not perfect and not always kind. It also tends to remember the things I don’t want it to rather than, for example, what I came to the grocery store to buy.

As time flies by, I am shown more and more that I need this help and these little cues to remind me. Maybe I will start training my brain to fall into this trap less, but I will never be completely free of this habit. It is who I am. I hold in how I feel to keep the peace, but it can eat away at me. Replaying the words or scene does nothing productive and never lets the people know that I am irritated. If I choose not to say something, my only healthy alternative is to drop it and move on.

So I’m dropping it. I’m moving on.  I’m letting go.

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13 thoughts on “Let It Go

  1. God has the best way of just coming alongside and telling us how it is. I love that He cares enough to reach in and encourage us to lay something down – or confess – or seek Him more. Praying you enjoy the freedom of letting this one go.

  2. Thanks Sarah – I can totally relate as I’m working on my own self control this month and ‘let it out, let it go’ has been my mantra for years!

  3. Hey there, Sarah. I think we can ALL relate to this. Let it go is one of my words to myself too. So easy to say, but hard to do. Lately, I’ve been praying, “Jesus, Be the Center.” As in, “You be the center of my thoughts. Not this person or situation.” It’s helping me a little, I think? 🙂

  4. Hi, Sarah.
    Thanks for sharing your good thought process here. I have to go through the same thing from time to time — that intentional putting aside of my “feelings” about something and leaving it to the grace of God.

  5. I love how gently and repeatedly He is willing to remind us of things! He loves us so very much and cares about our hearts. Letting it go can be hard, but great job really hearing His voice above all the feelings and voices around you!

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