You Are Here

When it is raining, You are preparing flowers that will grow.

When it is dark, You are preparing for light.

When it is cold, You remind me of Your warmth.

When I don’t know what is in front of me, You do.

When the sun shines on me, You are showing me Your joy.

When I see the cutest baby, You remind me of Your creativity.

When I laugh, You laugh with me.

When I cry, You cry then too.

On my saddest days, I couldn’t escape You if I tried.

When someone does me wrong, You help me see my own flaws.

When I see a brilliant blue sky, I marvel at Your vastness.

When I see a beautiful sunset, I feel like You put it there just for me.

You like to show up.

You like to show off.

You like to show me Your glory.

Here, and one day I will see You face to face.

On that day, this life will pale in comparison.

Your presence alone is and will be all I need.

You are here.

Linking with Holley Gerth


6 thoughts on “You Are Here

  1. This is incredible Sarah! Love this poem! I felt his presence throughout. It is very true and real what you expressed, that he is always there for us in every circumstance!

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