Stop Being Easily Offended!

Another day, another chance to be offended. Why do we let people bother us so easily? Lately I have come to see this issue as a distraction.

This world seems to have gotten crazier with each passing day. We are in each other’s business way too much. I don’t blame social media but I blame us for getting sucked into social media. We see what it is doing to us and don’t try to extract ourselves from the mess. We wallow in it instead. Each of us has a brain and a will of our own. Besides, people have been judging others since the beginning of time.

People are offended by the silliest things too. Why does it matter if a person misuses a word or too in the English language. (Yes that was done on purpose!) What will change in our lives if someone implies we aren’t the best cook and they have had better? The shirt someone is wearing isn’t up to us either. These are all merely distractions.

The problem is that being all in someone else’s life means we are neglecting our own affairs. We are so focused on the major thing we see in their world that we miss the actual gaping hole in our own. I can be doing something so much worse than the next person, but they offended me so badly that I don’t care to correct myself.

I want to be sensitive to right and wrong. No doubt about it. But I can’t change what someone else does. I can only set a good example for them and for my children. I have to choose to show love and forgiveness. I need to be more focused on doing what I can to help others than on a perceived slight.

Feel free to be offended by racism, sexism or any other way a group of people is being put down. But when we are offended by literally everything around us, nothing stands out. If I act upset over every little thing, no one will pay attention to the times it really matters. If I twist someones words to make them sound other than they were intended, I am going to sound ridiculous, not them.

Our words have weight, but only when we use them wisely and sparingly. We have to discern the issues worth fighting for and drop the rest. Something can only offend us if we let it. When we are offended by the person next to us, our rage tends to blind us to anything else. Let’s learn to live in peace and set the example for others.

And please, if you are offended by my words today, go back and reread from the top. This was written for you.

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6 thoughts on “Stop Being Easily Offended!

  1. I am struggling today with words that were spoken to me. I know I need to brush them off and not be so easily offended. Thank you for your post.

  2. The problem for me is I don’t often say something when I am offended but I hold on to those feelings. Thanks for the reminder that we can’t change others’ behaviour and some things are really not worth bothering about. Now I need to let it go!

  3. I found myself offended just this week. It’s such an uncomfortable feeling. This is the better way for sure: “Let’s learn to live in peace and set the example for others.” Brant Hanson’s book “Unoffendable” is the best I’ve read on this subject and was a life-changer for me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the subject, Sarah!

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