A Little Peace Goes a Long Way

Life is so much better when we trust Jesus with it. The good, the bad, the scary, the unknown. All of it is better in His hands. After all, it already belongs to Him!

For several months now, I have had a few projects going besides work and family. My goal was to be finished before school was out. It felt like a big goal and I knew going in that I couldn’t do it without God.

Yesterday was my last day of school and both projects are done! My girls still have school until Wednesday, so now I can rest and run errands before they are home and swim team takes over the summer.

As a worrier by nature, this spring could have been torture and caused a nervous breakdown. Fortunately for me, my heart has found much more peace in the last 2 years than ever before. I literally still pray every day for a peaceful spirit. Some days I cling to that like a life raft, while others the peace comes more easily.

When I decided to do these new things, I was a little scared. Even knowing God would help me, I still thought I must be crazy. But if God wants these things done, I wanted to be used. I don’t want to miss out on anything out of fear or let anxiety take over my days. Aint nobody got time for that!

Day by day, little by little, I got work done. My daily goals felt small but added up. Some days I wanted to give up. Some days I felt like a warrior. No matter how I felt, every day mattered.

When all is said and done, I want my life to revolve around my Jesus. With Him I can accomplish anything He wants me to accomplish. Without Him I can do nothing. With Him sounds much better!

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4 thoughts on “A Little Peace Goes a Long Way

    1. Peace flowing through me is the only thing that gets me through some days. If I don’t pray for it daily, I start to fall apart. God is the only thing I really can trust!

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