Wallow If You Need To Wallow

I don’t like myself much lately.

Other people seem to have it all together while I sit and wonder how they do it. (And sometimes I wonder why.) Oh sure, I tell myself they don’t really have it all together either. Or I tell myself that maybe other people are better than me at some areas but I am better at others. None of that seems to help.

Then I look around and see groups of people and couples who hang out all the time. They are all “my tribe is awesome” and I don’t have that. I have my family and a few close friends. Yes, that is enough, but I see these groups and want what they have. They go and do all this fun stuff in groups, and I feel jealous even though I am not really a group kind of girl.


I have this wonderful life and so many have it worse. I know that. I REALLY know that. I pray for so many people who are having a hard time and I am wallowing in a lame pit of my own silliness.

The other night the pain was so strong and I couldn’t wish it away. The idea of telling myself to get over it and move on occurred to me. Instead I let myself feel. I cried and went to sleep. I knew that the next day would come. With rest and a small amount of distance, the morning would smooth out the rough edges of my mood.

The next morning did indeed happen. Almost like clockwork. My eyes felt heavy but I was alive. My feelings weren’t completely gone. They were there but muted. Mornings bring more clarity to me than night.

Then later that morning I read one of my favorite verses in Philippians. “He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” God is not done with me yet! Y’all I am a mess, even on good days. I don’t get many things right, but I know that I am getting more things right with each passing year. I am not who I want to be, but thanks to Jesus, I am not where I started.

If you have days like I do where you just can’t drag yourself out of that pit right then, remember that it is OK to feel your feelings. You aren’t expected to be perfect and neither am I. We just have to keep striving for better. Some days it may feel like you are taking a step back, but as long as you get up in the morning and push forward, you are making progress. Progress is good.

If you are in a pit now, remember morning is coming. It will bring you some peace and maybe answers. God’s mercies are new every morning and they will help you up. Let Him work on you and make you into who HE created YOU to be.

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16 thoughts on “Wallow If You Need To Wallow

  1. Sarah,
    We love you a lot (even when you don’t)! 🙂 And we love the kind and generous heart you share with us in every post. Our emotions are so bossy, aren’t they? But I’m so glad God’s words bring us the steadfast love he always promises to have for us — even when we don’t have it for ourselves. xoxo

  2. Be gentle with yourself, friend. I like that you’re noticing your emotions and figuring out what to do with them. God’s always inviting us to something deeper, isn’t He. And I’m thinking it’s often at these kind of punky times.

    Praying for you even as I tap away here …

    1. It definitely is at those times, because I think other times we are often too busy. We need to be slowed down so we can hear the whispers. Thank you for the prayer!

  3. Don’t be afraid to feel your feelings. I like that Sarah. We’ve all been in those hard moments too. Everyone processes it differently. Thanks for sharing your journey and your thoughts here. May the Lord enfold you in His grace, wrap you in His love.

  4. As others have said, don’t mask or neglect the feelings. Even the hard ones are speaking to your soul and to God and he hears every whisper, every silent cry. Thankful for each morning when we are renewed.

  5. Thanks for being vulnerable and honest. I can definitely relate. I love your conclusion that God isn’t finished with you…but he’s also in love with you, right here and now. You’re doing great things for him, like sharing from your heart! Hope you are encouraged today. ❤

    1. I am definitely feeling better since writing this. Writing is kinda like therapy! 🙂 I always figure if I am going through something, others are too. We have to share and encourage!

  6. I agree, it is easy to look at others and feel like they have it all together, even though we know they really don’t. It is important to remember that we are works in progress and to allow ourselves to feel our feelings.

  7. These are encouraging words, Sarah: “Remember that it is OK to feel your feelings. You aren’t expected to be perfect and neither am I.” We all have those days (or seasons) where we feel out of sorts with community and wonder if we’re not worthy. But it’s not so. The Lord made each of us unique and places us in small or large or quiet or loud spaces for his reasons and for our good. I don’t always feel comfortable but I want to find peace wherever he puts me too. Blessings to you!

  8. Sarah,
    Yes, I do sometimes feel that. I too love the morning. I sometimes can’t wait to go to bed because I know tomorrow it will be a new morning. Thank you for sharing your post it makes you real and just like us, “your tribe.”



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