Fun Family Meals?

Four summers ago, James and I spent a few child free days in Miami. It was mostly wonderful! We spent a lot of time at restaurants, and I am looking to find ways to recreate that experience.

The two of us love to watch people, and there was no shortage of funny behavior in south Florida. We honestly ate every meal we were allowed to eat outside, outside. I loved all the restaurant tables lined up on sidewalks. There was an ocean breeze at most and a fun atmosphere. Plus, I am a sucker for fairy lights!

We don’t normally take so many pictures at dinner as we did that week!

Of course, as soon as we got back home, meals resumed the way they always had been. We have children and busy lives. Lingering at meals with great conversations and lots of laughter sounds like a fantastic way to end the day and bond as a family.

It is not that we don’t try. The girls help make dinner some nights. We eat on the deck when we can. So I figured that since I haven’t mastered this idea at home after four years, maybe I could use some help. If you have any ideas on creating a fun atmosphere for family dinners (without spending a lot), please let me know. Any tips are appreciated!

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2 thoughts on “Fun Family Meals?

  1. I have two ideas: Candles on ordinary days and also using the conversation starter: What was the highlight of your day? Did your day have a lowlight? (And I always like eating outside, like you mention.)

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