God is Still in the Miracle Business

Sometimes it seems God must be goofing off. We pray and pray for people and situations, to no avail. We plead and beg for relief, and nothing happens.

God is still working.

There are several miracles I have seen and heard about in the last week. They aren’t mine to talk about, but they happened. People’s lives were hanging by a thread and God came through. Doctors gave a diagnosis and there was total healing where dialysis was supposed to be a given. Young and old alike are touched by these miraculous healings every day.

Does it feel like we only talk about the lost causes and the worst of the worst? Does it feel like the world is falling down around us, one crisis at a time? It does to me at times. The desperation I feel around me for change and healing gets to me. I plead with God to help them. I am sorry to say that lately, I have not really believed in my heart that there would be answers, at least not soon. I had, in a way, given up.

Then God worked His way into several lives and shocked us all.

There are still lots of situations and people and hearts I am praying for. I won’t stop until the prayers are answered one way or another. I just can’t forget these huge times when God performs nothing short of miracles. He loves to go big and leave obvious marks that He was there. He wants us to have no way to doubt His presence!

When these miracles happen, we need to see them and celebrate them. They really do happen every day.

If there are big requests where you keep asking for God’s help, make sure to look around at the miracles that are occurring. You will be astonished and overjoyed, and they will spur your faith on to keep praying.

Never forget that God is always in the miracle business. Just because you don’t feel it doesn’t make this less true. Learn to celebrate the miracles you do see!


8 thoughts on “God is Still in the Miracle Business

  1. I’m always encouraged to hear of miracles, no matter whose they are! I do believe that God is still active in our world and these stories are good to spread around. Thanks for sharing this, Sarah.

  2. I saw a miracle come to pass this past week, an answer to prayer that made me weep outloud. Never doubt that God is very ready, willing, and able to do more than we can ask or imagine.

    Thanks putting this truth in writing and sharing with us here, Sarah …

  3. So true that God is still in the business of doing miracles. It can be hard when we see that in some situations and not in others but we need to keep praying and trusting that he is good even if his answers or his timing are different from what we want.

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