Summer Time

Summer is in full swing around here, which means I am slightly less tired than during the school year. The girls had their first swim meet of the season last night and did great. It was a long and beautiful night.


Lauren went up to an older group this year, since she is 11. She has worked on flip turns with the intensity she worked on diving last year. That child wants to do better than everyone or not compete at all. She swam 50 meters (instead of 25 like the younger kids) in butterfly, freestyle, and breaststroke. Then she finished the night with a 100 meter IM (Individual Medley.) Before each race began, she would hug me and tell me how nervous she was. Hopefully her nerves are settled now that she got the first meet out of the way.

Kaitlyn swam 25 meters of breaststroke, backstroke, as well as freestyle 3 times. She is improving so much over last year! She is actually trying and wants to practice diving this weekend. Last year, there were many times we had no idea what stroke she was doing. Now she actually looks like she was putting forth the effort.

Tonight both girls are having friends over. There will be pizza, sugar, and lots of giggles. I hope one day they look back on summers and remember how much fun they had as well as how hard they worked at swimming. I want them to remember laughing with me and seeing me read. Summer time is magical for kids and is time you can’t get back. I think we are off to a good start!

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2 thoughts on “Summer Time

  1. Your girls are beautiful! Swimming was never my strength so I greatly admire their ability to do it well. My mother was always scared of water and never learned how to swim, so no one ever taught us either. It was literally sink or swim when I was old enough to go with my friends. 😉 I finally took a swimming class in college (much to my embarrassment) but it was worth those early cold mornings to get more comfortable in water. Hope your summer continues to go as well as it has started!

    1. Thank you! I am amazed as they didn’t get the drive and ability from me. 🙂 I loved the water but have never been a strong swimmer. I think it is so good for their self esteem to be able to do well in a sport! Have a wonderful summer, Lisa!

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