Being Kind Never Hurts

Tough days happen. They can spring up out of nowhere or happen for reasons you know. Even understanding that not all days are going to be sunny and happy doesn’t really make you feel better. Neither does knowing that these times will end. What will matter in these times is your attitude.

The important thing to remember on the hard days is to ask this question: Am I spreading more good than bad? Looking out at those around you rather than looking inward takes the focus off you and your problems and helps you regain perspective.

Sometimes there is nothing you can do to make a situation better. You have to just let it work itself out. Why worry when you can work? Get out there and help someone. Just because there is nothing you can do in your own life doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do in the world.

On the days where everything is coming together it is easy to be kind to others and be courteous and helpful. The skill comes in when life isn’t going your way and you choose to be positive and helpful anyway. Anyone can be happy in the good times but it takes maturity to look outside your own situation and show others kindness. If you don’t take the time to reach out, there is a good chance no one will either. A person who needed you will suffer. You aren’t benefited by remaining in your own head either. If you choose to worry away your time instead of helping someone else, nothing will improve.

So smile even when you don’t feel like it. Write a note encouraging someone. Help someone carry their groceries. Visit someone who needs a friend. Be the someone they need to get through their time, and who knows: maybe they will be who you need one day.

Hard times are inevitable in this life. Don’t be someone who holds onto them and nurses them until they take on a life of their own. Instead, be someone who goes out and loves. Show the world that this day doesn’t define you. This hard time will pass, but the impact of your reaction to it will possibly last a lifetime. Make it count.

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10 thoughts on “Being Kind Never Hurts

  1. So true! It’s our reactions to tough times that reveal our character. I hope when the next challenge comes, I’m looking to God and showing kindness in the midst of the pain.

  2. Kindness matters. And maybe never more than now with the coarsening of our culture growing worse than ever. Yours is a gentle, timely nudge. Thank you, Sarah …

  3. Absolutely, Sarah. I like how you said that even if we can’t do something in our life we CAN do something in the world. It’s amazing what those seemingly small acts can do.

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