Hope for the Mom of Littles

One minute you are changing a diaper for the millionth time and wondering when it will end and the next minute you are preparing a child for middle school. That is me right now. My oldest starts sixth grade at the end of the month and I can’t believe it.

There were years of not enough sleep and constant requests for juice. Years of cartoons and post nap snuggles. Actually I still get all this, but on a much smaller scale. Both girls now not only don’t wear diapers, but they can wipe themselves too (and have been able to for years.) They can be in a different room and I don’t wonder if they are going to get hurt. They play outside without me hovering within eyesight. When the youngest has to go to the bathroom in a public place, I can send them together instead of having to take one, and then the other, there myself. They have a little more freedom and so do I.

These days, the girls make me laugh constantly. They used to both love matching and being “twinsies,” but Lauren is too old for that now. The other night I found them cuddling in bed together and asked if they had their matching pajamas on. Kaitlyn said in a sing song voice, “Yes we match and are cuddling” and posed for a picture. Lauren pulled the blanket over her head and yelled, “There’s no proof!” I couldn’t love these two more!

Yesterday I needed something at the mall so us three girls went. We chatted and laughed. We went to more grown up stores than The Disney Store. As we were getting near Starbucks, I asked if they wanted to go. I got, “Yaaaass!” I pulled out my Mother’s Day gift card and spent most of it. It was worth it!


For years and years, I have dreaded middle school. The closer we get to this new phase though, the better I feel about it in some ways. My girls are not going to morph into completely different creatures (at least not overnight.) They will grow and learn and I get to be there for it all. Hopefully because I have laid the groundwork for them to trust me, they will most of the time. And if they stop for a time, they will come back to me.

For anyone who is in those early stages, remember that it matters. Some days it may seem tedious and you may miss seeing adults. However, the truth is you are laying the groundwork for your kids in the future. All of these things that seem little are more important than you realize now. Keep going.

Don’t stop pouring yourself into those babies and toddlers. One day soon these days will be gone and your big kids will tease you. They will want to wear your clothes and will say funny things. They will want to sit on your lap occasionally even though their arms and legs are almost as long as yours. They will be a delight. Mostly.

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4 thoughts on “Hope for the Mom of Littles

  1. So much amen coming from me, Sarah! And keep on keeping on during the snarly years (don’t be shocked when, despite the great relationship you’ve cultivated), you become as dumb as mud. Those teenage years will pass–keep going on coffee dates. When they go off to college, you will suddenly become wise and the best mother in the world again ;).

  2. Hey there Sarah! That last line resonates with me: “They will be a delight. Mostly.” 🙂 Made me smile. That’s my kids for sure. I’m glad you got to go to Starbucks with your girls. Maybe Middle School will be easier than you think?

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