Heaven on Earth

I got a glimpse of heaven this past week.

My family and I spent 6 nights on Maui and had the most amazing time. We had been planning this trip since our 11 year old was 7, as she pointed out. That is a good chunk of her life! Since we got back a few days ago, I have been trying to come up with words to describe it and all I got so far is heaven.

The whole island is breath taking and the vibe is laid back. They don’t call it “island time” for no reason! We were told that the bank in Hana is open for an hour and a half a day. My husband says island time would drive me crazy as I like to be on time. I think I could adjust. 🙂

There will be more on this trip starting next week, but for now here is a picture of our introduction to Maui. Aloha!



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