THIS Moment

Are you always aware of the beauty around you? Not just when life is easy, but during the difficult days or the rushed days? I know I am not. It seems like I only find beauty when I am looking for it or it is right in front of my face.

Yes, I am going to talk about Maui again! I knew Hawaii would be gorgeous and walked around constantly amazed by what I saw. Sunsets and sunrises, palm trees blowing in the breeze, clear water, and sandy beaches: what is not to love? We were even amused by chickens coming up to us while we were eating breakfast. Life on an island while on vacation. Of course it was perfect.

What about when life isn’t perfect? I want to be one to purposefully look for the good instead of dwelling on the bad. Even if the day is hard, I want to cling to that moment where my heart finds peace.

My girls getting along even when they are tired.

Finding something I want on sale. (Yes, sales are beautiful.)

Eating dinner on the deck, because it is a rare low humidity evening.

Curling up on the couch with a good book and no guilt that I haven’t done something that needs to be done.

Having unexpected one on one time with my children where I hear their heart.

Finishing a hard day’s work that satisfies.

Laughing with my husband.

Beauty is all around me when I take the time to shake off my mood or look beyond my own circumstances. It may be a fleeting moment, but I want to wring that sucker dry. I want to bask in it because I only have one life, and it is flying by.

Another thing I want to do is not live IN past beautiful moments or live FOR the future ones. The moment I am in now is pretty special. Right now, I am healthy and I am caffeinated. The house is quiet and I know I am loved.

Not every day is going to be a vacation, and if it was, I wouldn’t appreciate it. That sounds like a sad way to live if I start to miss even the obvious beauty and perfect moments because I am used to them! I just need to remind myself of this.


Maybe this wasn’t what I saw while I drank my coffee this morning, and that is fine. My view may change, but I want my perspective to change with it. I will treasure the vacation moments for the rest of my life, while I make new ones. The new ones will also make me smile and fill me with joy. Some will undoubtedly be at the beach and some will be ordinary moments. It is up to me to notice them and cherish them. I am up for the task!

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