No, Really, Surviving the Road to Hana is a Big Deal

This is my last post about our trip to Maui….for now at least! We had the most magical 6 days there last month. Our last full day was driving the road to Hana, and let’s just say it was not my favorite day. This road is 64 miles long but has over 600 hairpin turns. It is scenic and terrifying. Beautiful and death defying. Here are some things I learned that fateful day.

I learned that no one in my family gets carsick.

I learned that I can white knuckle a car door handle for the better part of 13 hours. If that isn’t a record, well, don’t tell me.

I learned that cars in Maui magically shrink to fit side by side on one lane. Wait, that isn’t true? Well, the road is wide enough for only one car in many stretches, so it isn’t my fault for thinking that.

I learned that if you’ve seen one waterfall, you’ve seen…a waterfall. The next one is nice and all, but they all start looking alike after awhile. I only posed like this for the first one.


I learned that there is a cute little town named Paia right before you start the journey to Hana. If you are close to needing gas, you better stop there.

I learned that restaurants in Hana close at 5 PM, so you better not have an appetite on your way back.

I learned that black or red sand beaches are pretty, but are they worth risking your life to see?


I learned that there is such a thing as too many curves.

I learned that Hana is a rainforest. Who knew it rains so much in a rainforest?

I learned that there are lots of pretty sites on the road to Hana, sites I could have seen pictures of.

I learned there is a reason they make the “I Survived the Road to Hana” T-shirts.

I learned that the best thing we did before exploring Hana is to download an app to guide us. The Shaka Guide taught us so much and I am still in mourning over not getting to hear the Shaka tour guide’s voice every day. He was awesome!

OK, so there really is lots to see on the road to Hana and it is amazing. These are my thoughts, and if you aren’t a big baby like me, Hana may be your favorite part of Maui!


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6 thoughts on “No, Really, Surviving the Road to Hana is a Big Deal

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip, Sarah! This reminds me a bit of Central America. I’ve been to a black sand beach in El Salvador and to rain forest in Costa Rica. (and cloud forest too 🙂 )

  2. Loved this Sarah! Our first visit to England, after seeing old church after old church was like seeing your waterfalls. I can’t imagine a drive like yours as one of our kids always felt like she was going to be sick and her brother was the one who threw up and we were just on roads that weren’t flat and straight in our home state of Florida. I enjoyed reading your recap.

  3. Hawaii is one of my top places I’d like to visit and I think the black sand beaches sound awesome! HOWEVER, after reading your post I’m not sure!! 🙂 I don’t love heights and drop offs and scary, curvy roads!

    The waterfalls are gorgeous!

    1. We didn’t go to the islands other than Maui, but I loved every single thing we did except the road to Hana. The water, the scenery, the history, everything was like living a dream. I want to go back so bad, just no Hana for me. 🙂 I hope you get a chance to go!

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