Shine YOUR Light

Both of my girls want to be like other girls. Big surprise there! They each know someone who is cooler than them or makes friends easier than them. The funny thing is that both of these other girls have the same name! As a parent, it is my job to help my girls see the truth. I am supposed to tell them that they are special and help them believe it, never mind the fact that I go through this same issue.

God has a sense of humor, doesn’t He? He knows that I struggle with wanting to fit in when I was created to stand out. He knows how I want to belong and am tempted to change who I am in order to do so. No one but God understands the struggles I have (which is a good thing. No one else needs to be privy to that.) He knows all of this and knows that helping my girls see the truth will help me see it too.

A few months ago and a few days ago, I had conversations with the girls about their admiration of their peers. In their minds, they are lacking traits. They don’t see all the good that I do. When this first came up, I told one of the girls’ moms. She said her daughter wished she were more like mine and some of the other girls. Yep, none of us seem happy with who we are.

Human nature dictates we want what we don’t have. Maybe sometimes this is good. If we see a trait we can develop, seeing it play out in someone else’s life shows us how important it is. Someone giving, serving, hard working, kind and full of faith is someone we should strive to be like. Emulating those qualities is what growth is all about.

However, when we look at ourselves and see someone less than or not worthy of love, there is a problem. God gave each of us different talents and personalities so we can achieve different things here on earth.

My way of getting through these moments of unrest is to first recognize them for what they are: lies. There is nothing wrong with the way I was created. I am worth the same as those around me but just wired in a different way. Not better or worse, just different.

Then instead of going down that rabbit hole of degrading myself, a better thing to do is to think of a few good things I have going on. I try to think of a few things I am good at naturally and work to be even better at them. Choosing to see the beauty in myself makes the rest seem insignificant.

There are always ways we can improve. However, instead of focusing on ways we think we are missing out, we should work on making the good traits even better and stronger. God made each of us to shine a different color. Let’s shine the brightest we can by being completely ourselves. The world needs each of us, but only if we can be ourselves.

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