The Wrong Voices

Me posting a picture of my girls smiling together doesn’t make me a good mom.

Me letting my girls play outside without me doesn’t make me a bad mom.

Me saying nice things about someone doesn’t make me a good Christian.

Me having a glass of wine doesn’t make me a bad Christian.

Me making my husband’s favorite cookies doesn’t make me a good wife.

Me disagreeing with my husband doesn’t make me a bad wife.

Me believing the same thing as you about abortion doesn’t make me a good American.

Me voting for a different candidate than you doesn’t make me a bad American.

Me helping a poor person doesn’t make me a good person.

Me not appearing to care about a particular cause doesn’t make me a bad person.

When someone tells me I’m a great mom, I don’t listen. When someone tells me I’m a bad mom, I don’t listen. Their choices or limited knowledge of me don’t make them an expert on my kids. My experience and the fact that God gave them to me make me the expert.

In every part of my life, there are people who would interpret my actions as good or bad. I could listen to them and let my mood be dictated by whatever part of the roller coaster I was just on, but what good would that do me or the world around me? Whether I feel approved of by people or not, I don’t answer to them.

God is the only One able to judge me, because only He knows my heart and intentions. (Sometimes I don’t even know!) Any other approval or disapproval needs to be shaken off and not dwelt on. If I let me ego get big because someone thinks it is great that I came to my child’s school event, I will eventually trip over it. And if I let someone make me feel worthless over my choice of clothing, I will miss my worth in Christ. Both options are bad.

I am approved in Christ. I am accepted and whole in Christ. I am chosen. That is all I need. It is enough.

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6 thoughts on “The Wrong Voices

  1. Wow, Sarah. This is powerful truth here. Thank you so much. You’re convicting me about so many ways I try to prove myself. I want to rest in Him and listen for His voice alone.

  2. Powerful stuff, PBJ instead of asparagus, sure, ice cream for breakfast, no way. I get it, some people don’t. It is all pretty black and white. John:10:10, He gives us grace in the gray areas until He completes the good work in us, I just hope people will not disgrace that grace, sin still has consequences, so glad He loves us.

  3. We definitely have to learn to hear the right voices and amplify the truth over lies… even when those lies come in the form of our own voice and the wrong pronouncements we make about ourselves. It if matches scripture, keep it, otherwise throw it out!

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