Seek Them Out

Most people are not like me. That is probably a good thing.

There are people in my life who intrigue me. We seem to be so different, and part of me wants to know what makes them tick. Another part of me is a little scared of them. Am I the only one? I don’t want to stay that way though.

When I see someone who has a life that looks opposite to mine in many ways, I can be intimidated. When a person acts like they don’t like me for no reason, I slink away. When people believe something I don’t, I step back because I am afraid of an argument.

What if I turned toward them instead? What if I tried to figure out the other person’s motives or looked deeper into what is going on in their life? Maybe they seem prickly because they are really just insecure. They may have been deeply hurt in a way they are aching to explain to someone. Maybe that someone should be me, but I have always backed away.

Not having a close friend to talk to is no way to go through life. A person who seems so different from me could be thinking I am judging them for the simple fact that I have not taken the time to get to know them. They may not have a friend they can sort through life’s issues with and have a chip on their shoulder about people around them. (Like me.)

Unless a person says they don’t like me, I shouldn’t assume they don’t. Unless I have a reason to stay away from them, I should take the time to get to know them better. I can have all sorts of reasons in my head, but that doesn’t make any of them true.

I want to get to the point where I seek out the people who seem different than me. I want to be able to see what Jesus sees when He looks at them. We all have so much to offer the world and to enrich lives around us. I hate to think I am missing out on a perspective I need because I am worried about what they might or might not think of me.

If reading this is making you think of someone in particular, maybe you should start with them. Pray and ask God to work in their life. Pray that God will change the way you see this person. Ask for opportunities to get to know them and for the courage to act in those times. God will answer you!

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6 thoughts on “Seek Them Out

  1. Those voices in our heads can be real liars, Sarah. But they are so loud! We find comfort in people like us but imagine the growth created when we stretch beyond our comfort zone. I’m not always good at that and needed your reminder today.

  2. I so needed this. I too am hesitant to get to know people who think differently than me. It is most often fear of maybe changing my mind, getting into an argument, being proven wrong. Thank you for this post.

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