Three Ways to Remember God is With You

Psalm 16:8 is a wonderful verse and great idea. The NIV version is “I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With Him at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” This is the way I learned it and can tend to gloss over it when reading it. It becomes a nice sentiment and then I move on.

The other day I read the Holman translation and saw, “I always let the Lord guide me. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.” I want to let God guide me. I want to keep my eyes on Him. Yes, reading my Bible and praying are great ways to do this, but I want to go beyond those. So here are a few ways I can think of to help us keep God in our vision. Maybe they will speak to your heart like they have mine.

Let others be Jesus to you. Y’all, I am not kidding when I say this is one of the hardest things for me. I have been having a rough time physically and need to learn to slow down. On the same afternoon this week, I had 2 sweet friends ask if I needed anything and if they could bring dinner to us. What did I say? “No thank you. I am good.” That is my standard answer. We all want to help those we love, but most of us turn it down. Why? Pride? Fear of not being enough? I did say I would let them know if the answer changes, and hopefully I will allow others to help me when I need it more. God loves to come to us and show His love in tangible ways, using family and friends’ willingness. It is up to us to let them love us for Him.

Focus on who God says you are. I am a conqueror. I can get through anything with Him. My circumstances don’t define me, because God already did! When I leave no room for the lies to come between God and I, He is able to be right next to me. God will be as close to us as we let Him, so let’s make room!

Close your eyes and imagine God sitting in front of you. What does He look like to you? What does His voice sound like? Lean forward and touch His hand or shirt. What is the texture like? I am a somewhat visual person with a strong imagination, so this helps me. I don’t want to put ideas in your head, but to me, God has a rich laugh and His hands are strong and somewhat smooth. The kind of hands someone has from working hard but who also puts on lotion at night. (Hey, God invented lotion, so I say He uses it!) When we can visualize God clearly, it makes it easier to feel His presence throughout the day.

It is important to remember God is always right there with us, and it can be difficult to take that from an idea to the reality that it is. Knowing and believing are not the same thing. I challenge you to take the time to find ways to believe that the God of the universe is with you now and always.

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2 thoughts on “Three Ways to Remember God is With You

  1. I love that verse from Psalm 16, and I really do appreciate these practical applications and tips for how to realize God is near. So easy to say glibly, harder to really experience it down in our bones. Love these ideas.

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