Are You Snappy or Coy?

There once was a woman. Let’s call her Snappy. (Her parents were always in a hurry!) Now, Snappy had a good life. She had everything she needed and plenty that she wanted. She knew overall her life was great.

On days everything went her way, she was in a great mood. When the sun was shining, she was smiling. When her kids behaved, she was singing a little tune. If she got a little time to herself, she felt refreshed for a short time.

However, Snappy wasn’t always happy. When there was traffic, she was a bear at the office all day. If someone took the last of the kind of donuts she liked, they better get out of her way. Rainy days? Forget about it! No one wanted to go near her when they saw that look in her eye.

Then there was a woman who lived next door to Snappy. Let’s call her Coy. (Her parents never went out.) Coy also had a good life and knew it.

Coy enjoyed all the little things in her life as much as the big things. She felt like the flowers that bloomed in her yard bloomed just for her. So many things made her smile and even dance for joy. Her world was big and anything was possible. She was always finding the sweet side of life.

Just like anyone, Coy’s life wasn’t perfect. She just didn’t let her circumstances dictate how she felt. When a bill came that was higher than expected, she knew it would get payed somehow. If the cashier said an unkind word to her, she assumed it was because they were having a bad day. On days that traffic made her late, she took it as an excuse to turn the music up and sing every word she knew.

Coy understood that life was what she made of it. No matter what happened, Coy knew it would work out for the best. The easy days and the hard days were gifts to her and she cherished them all.

Snappy looked at Coy and envied her. She thought Coy must have more money/family/love/power than her. She didn’t understand that no matter what, she could have the same. Life didn’t give joy to Coy. Jesus gave her joy. Nothing took it away, because nothing could take it, unless she decided to give it away. And Coy KNEW not to give that away!

Snappy was happy when her life was good, but she never had true contentment and peace that comes with Jesus. Everything was external with her and the world saw that. No one wanted what she had, but plenty wanted what Coy had.

Which one are you? Are you happy when life is good or do you have joy deep in your heart? If circumstances tell you when to feel grateful, maybe this is a time to change that. Look to Jesus to fill you with joy that nothing can take away!

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10 thoughts on “Are You Snappy or Coy?

  1. Sarah, I was just saying to someone our “joy” cannot be dependent on ANYONE save Christ. I saw a quote this morning that I really liked: There are 6 billion people in the world – don’t let ONE of them ruin your day! Isn’t that great?

  2. I’m praying for a sister-in-Christ like Coy -a next-door neighbor or a good friend would be great! I can be both – Snappy and Coy. I’m not proud of this but I will be honest and share that I have those days where my circumstances get the best of me. Thankful for God’s unconditional love and grace! Work in progress!

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